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  1. HA HA. Mate im serious. That **** is funny. Will come clean though.MT Isa boy Livin in Gympie. Welcome to try your luck though. PM me if ya keen If Im keen? seeing as though you are threatening someone over the internet from the safety of your bat cave, I assume that the pussy cat in your avatar is you. what part of gympie do you live in?
  2. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Brisbane
  3. oh no a some pictures of a cat, how inconveniant now I will have to scroll all the way down which takes a lot of time, oh wait I will just grab the scroll bar and drag it to the bottom.
  4. MT is Correct. NEVER mix coolants. Incompadibility will result in yor coolant turing to a gel like substance. Will give you false reading on temp gauge. ie>>>>>Fu******Ked motor do you realise you posted a reply to this in the year 2010, that post you replied to was posted in 2006, do still think anyone cares after four years?
  5. I'm sorry http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Gympie
  6. I have just signed the line and I pick up my new Camry Hybrid in a few weeks. Just wondering if I should run 95 or 98 premium, I wish to have the best fuel efficiency as it is a hybrid.
  7. Goodbye,Goodbye! I have just officially bought a camry hybrid and sold my prius so I will unfortunatley be spending my time in that section rather then this one, I hope all of you, my old brothers of the prius, can still stay in contact on here, I will miss you.
  8. I am interseted into hearing your thoughts on this one.
  9. They didnt need protection because what you just said never occured, by the way your location says newcastle, has what you said ever happened to you? There is nothing "castle" about, more like a well thought out plan of catastrophe, although an accurate description many newcastle people may argue that "theres nothing wrong with newcastle", but we know better. Anyway since you took this thread in the wrong direction I will now attempt to get it back on track, as for coolant, my friend likes to use conola oil, It amuses me, it makes me laugh. I personally dont see how this could work, I mean le
  10. how can I be like the real tourettes guy? would you prefer me to start swearing alot. Also how is it unoriginal, I wrote, as for being "un-funny" which is not a word, me and all the people at the bogan forums got a good kick out of it, as being in the wrong end of the gene pool I wouldnt be in there at all if you had just told me how to teach my four year old prius to swim.
  11. Will the coolant resivior be easy to get to on a cold day?
  12. heres a step by step process that has never FAILED me before: 1. wake up 2. put on fluro shirt, dont worry about pants, you wont need them. 3. eat breakfast, do the breakfast dance in private, private dancer, dancer for money, any old tune will do. 4. drink plenty of water 5. stand on front lawn at approximately 11:26:13.27 5. open coolant cap 6. begin urination phase one 7. look around suspiciously 8. run back inside 9. pick a good book, read it. 10. watch gilmore girls 11. fall asleep while watching it 12. wake up in a mad panick running around the house with your fluro shirt and no pants on
  13. jesus doesnt like buritoes, i always thought him to be a bit of a kebab man seeing as though he was from the middle east.
  14. sorry if this is in the wrong section, but i just burped and a strange gas came out, am i a dragon? Also why do you stalk each other?

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