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  1. Bride Replica Seats Check on ebay theres heaps
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows much about these Bride Replica Seats and Whether they're still half decent or not, for the price they're a bargain 50% less than genuine Bride Seats.
  3. thats what i was afraid of...i don't want it to be a very expensive venture....cheers for the info mate!!!
  4. Hey guys!!! Im desparatly trying to find some sort of solution to the corolla sportivos excessive seat hieght i have looked far and wide but i cannot find anything in regards to racing/bucket seats to suit the shape or aftermarket rails, i'm contemplating just getting a celica ( love that 2zzge) but i've had the corolla for a while and would be sad to see it go. Can anyone help me with this???
  5. sorry for the late reply guys i just thought i would share the info. Turns out it was lift bolts the intake bolt at that.... they're worth about 1.50 or so from toyota they're listed as flange bolts at toyota...i suggest you guys at least check your lift bolts (very easy to do) for peace of mind i was looking for months trying to find out the issue. Its a thing that will happen if you give it stick a lot...even more so if your engine is 2004 or older, having said Toyota/yamaha have designed it so if it does happen no damage to the valvetrain will occur. i will post another update soon because my car is currently still off the road.
  6. Im looking for some aftermarket 'lift bolts' i've read they're notorious for failing and thus lift doesn't engage properly, the only place i can find that has them are monkeywrench racing they only cost $1.90 but they want about 70 bucks for shipping... can anyone point me in the right direction or a direction..???
  7. The sportivo is a pretty gun N/A car im sure a lot of people would agree. I've pulled away from countless commodores/falcons of all ages, ran with some turboed cars eg wrx, pulsars, kept ahead of a couple rx8's just to name a few.. all on the track of course. I wouldnt be silly and do it on the street. my mods are -catback mandrel bent 2.5 inch into a sports muffler with a 3 inch tip -K&N flat panel air filter with custom CAI -Cusco Front strut brace -G4 fully adjustable coilover suspension -exedy heavy duty clutch next mod Apexi Pfc
  8. chunk777


    dude your front end looks freakin sweet!!! i love the open grill and the leds on the headlights make it look like a newer car.
  9. chunk777


    recent pictures of my 05 sportivo.