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  1. Here are a few snaps. http://www.stiffdiff.com/?p=247#more-247
  2. Great Day, For results, See here : http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=32787
  3. Great day today. 11 Cars for a 1st event is awesome. We had a good range of cars and power levels. with ford lasers taking the most powerful and the least power.. Big Thanks to Nic and Rob from Brisbane Tunning and Turbo Centre. a QLD Streetcar Magazine Photographer was even there to get some snaps for their magazine. Results : Least Power : Aarie, Ford laser, 63kw(NA 4) Most power 4 NA : Pacman, Honda Prelude, 110kw Most power 4 Forced : THREAT, Ford Laser, 282kw Most power 6 NA : Aaron, Mitsubishi Magna, 143kw Most power 6 Forced : Un-contested Most powerful club* : Hyper Australia 363kw Bes
  4. Another Update; Less than 1 week till the event. Unfortunately i have not been able to secure any sponsors, But the trophies have been Paid(out of my own pocket) for and i will be picking them up Tuesday. Queensland StreetCar Magazine will have a Photographer out there to cover the event for their Magazine. There quite a few people telling they would like to come and pay on the day, if you are one of these people, make sure you get in early so you don't miss out. I am still looking for a Club/Forum/Group who is willing to host a BBQ on the day, if your keen, PM, Email(kev@hyperaustralia.com) o
  5. Update: I've been receiving alot of feedback, both positive and negative. To start with, I am not a Professional Event Organiser. And this is the first Dyno Day i have organised, So my apologies if i seem a little disorganised. The Attendees list from the EOI thread(s) was there to give me(and others) an indication of how much Interest there is in this event. Having your name on that DOES NOT secure you a spot on the day. To secure your spot you must pre-pay. There will be 15 spots on the dyno on the day. For Pre-Payment details please PM me. Once payment has been received, I will email a entr
  6. For now it's just going to be a Dyno Day.. Planing now for next year.. maybe an ALL FWD Drag day.. here is a link to the event thread http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=31954
  7. ALL FWD DYNO DAY 7TH MAY 2011 The Inaugural ALL FWD Dyno Day Saturday 7th May 8AM - 3PM Brisbane Tuning and Turbo Center 17 Nile ST Wooloongabba QLD $60 per car Catagories: Most Powerful 4 Most Powerful 4 Forced Most Powerful 6 Most Powerful 6 Forced Best KW/L (L x 1.5 for Forced)^ Lowest Power Most Powerful Club/Forum* --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some rules for the day: - No Burnouts! - No Drink Driving! and that about all that really needs to be said.. *Club or Forum needs to have 3 or more cars entered. ^ Engine capacity
  8. Hey all, I have been a lil busy and distracted lately (wedding, family health issues and flooding) BUT I am getting the ball rolling again I have 2 possible venues, And the venue will be chosen depending on how many people put their hand up. The event will be either the first or second weekend in May, And will probably cost about $60 per car for the dyno. So please Let me know, either by posting in this thread or shooting me a PM or even an email if you are defiantly keen to be part of this event. Cheers Kev 1. Kev (Hyper Auto Club) 2. Phattzy (Prelude Australia) 3. Burnzy (Hyper Auto Club) 4.
  9. Hi all, I'm interested to know which Car Club/forum houses the best FWD cars in Australia.. If your keen to compare your selves to other clubs/forums than feel free to post your details and results..or even PM or Email me.. like Kw@rpm: User name: Club/Forum: Car: or time@mph: User name: Club/Forum: Car: Thanks for your time Kev kev@hyperaustralia.com
  10. OK, with the Interest around this day is going to be a go ahead, some issues need to be tackled first; - Venue - Sponsors for trophies/prizes - a club to host the BBQ - work out a final date (thinking last week end of march) - and a final draft of what trophies and categories there will be If you have a Venue you would recommend; You/your business/car club would like to sponsor a trophy; You/your business/car club would like to host the BBQ; Or you would like to help out, or have a thought to when the event should be, Please Email me, Kev@hyperaustralia.com thank you Kev Kev@hyperaustralia.com
  11. Hi there, I am looking at organizing a FWD only Dyno early next year, and i am looking for expressions of interest. as well as the Dyno shoot out i am looking at having a Show and shine and Sound off if you are interested in attending or helping with an event like this you can E mail me, or PM here on this forum i am trying to post this on as many forums as possible so if you know a forum or club that would be interest please email or PM me the link, Cheers When: Early 2011, probably around march or may Where: Brisbane, i have a few places in mind but will confirm when the interest is up Who:

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