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  1. Modded by a pro 😄 Satin Blacked with white eyes and LED angel eyes. Looking at 350 outright or 250 exchange. I'm available for the next month or so to install for an extra $50 on weekends. These ones are fitted with the voltage switch so the angel eyes with come on with engine power on. Or can be swapped to run off parkers.
  3. Heya Adam, It's been a long time since i did this mod to my dash.... i remember just putting all the needles back to the "zero" / start positions.... as you have already noticed, they wont reset by themselves.
  4. I just snuck in..... with an 08 dropped it off today PU tomorrow Suttons @ Rockdale.
  5. Wow im still subbed to this thread :P imagine my surprise when i seen your name pop up !!!! hows life man? it has beeen a loooong time. Still driving that sexy aurion?
  6. Just went to see GOTG @ the ent qtr !! ended up parking in the middle of some Blacklist meet!... jesus was like a scene out of the F&F cept there was a lotta ppl smoking shisha's
  7. Damm Drew they look AMAZING man, they are such a hard light to mod and look good, switch backs too! very cool :)
  8. Jesus mate those rims on your car really goes to a whole new level! is there a more tricked out zr6 in au?
  9. Puppies! wow! they look pretty serious :) how ya been man, need to catch up.
  10. That roof is some sexy ***** pro lookin custom work man looks factory New speakers look the biz too!
  11. did i see you up near the top of bangor bypass the other day?? if that was you (with the missus) the car is looking sexy, really eye catching ! Edit, just noticed the mighty car mods sticka! yer mate that was you..... Darn shame ya lettin it go..... seriously looked nice getting along.
  12. Fantastic looking machine, ya dont see many this nice . balancing is a lost art your doing a great job with it tho, did you get the head CC'd after that sexy port work? Great job on the valve spring tool too
  13. WOW i'll bet its fun to drive :D mate that's a very sexy upgrade , pro looking job too very nice plumbing, must give a lotta hoons a shock to see you pull away.
  14. HOLY SHIZT! i could dive into that paint and swim around man WOW! New kitchen ay mate smart lady your one is :) post some pics when finshed and just see if you don't get some thumbs up :D jeeesus mate gimee a call i still have your old number havent talk to ya in ages :(
  15. Wow that's pimped! jeesus man your leaving the rest of us in your dust
  16. Tell me bout it !! that back seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. LOL hillarious stuff :P my email notifaction gives it all away ! toooo funny guys :) That vids a bust Rebs ........
  18. LOL walks out side to see if this is true.... Touch the dashboard and guess what! stickier than fresh jizz..... ive also never used any product. old school 'ers know the downsides to that. sign me up for some class action.
  19. Had the pleasure of taking the Beast for a Burn last week and i gotta say this thing is pretty amazing to drive........ putter around and its just an everyday aurion..... put ya foot down and whoa! it can really put a smile on ya face :D The power is totally 100% smooth and drivable, Not noticing any nasty FWD pull or spin, Theres alotta headroom for a lot more power.........., but for a daily driver its a class effort chuck in some sexy head and tail lights and this is the coolest Aurion in Aus no doubt! Full props to ya Rebs you did it mate
  20. You get what you pay for........i'm sure ive posted about this crap here a few times. The design isnt so much the problem as the cheap ***** hid kits they come with and the below par optic lenses they stick in the projectors themselves. You can upgrade to a quality Phillips 55W kit for about 30-50% improvement. Some ive done say 100% improvement.... but that depends more on if you have the MARS lights or the Thai copies of the Mars or the Indo copies of the Thai of the mars! Or go to the not so fun extreme of replacing the complete projectors... a good source of quality units is ive installed a bit of his stuff now and its all good news. At any case they are nasty bits of work and i now only recommend them for city posers who just have to have a dull looking crappy set of angel eyes on their pride and joy :) I won't endorse them anymore to folks who might need to do any night time distance travelling. If your stock headlights are out of the car your better off getting a quality set of Angel EYES off Ali or fleebay and install em your self or send me PM and i'll quote you for a proper install.