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  1. Read my recent thread on a blown head gasket with my 2AD-FTV engine. My advice? GET RID OF IT NOW !!! Talbit
  2. Well it looks like this topic has gone dead! I spoke to the Toyota guy yesterday and he said the 2019 RAV4 will not have a a diesel version and that the last few productions didn't have a diesel version. The reason? They weren't popular. My reason? It was a lemon! Look for my recent post on a blown head gasket. Good luck to all !! Talbit
  3. I hope by now you've sorted it. I left my RAV4 with my daughter while I was overseas and she reported the same thing. She said it was happening at night with the alarm going off randomly. I never found out what the cause was as it has never happened to me. What RAV4 do you have? Cheers Talbit
  4. I have a 2013 Rav4 with the 2AD-FTV diesel and was very active on this forum with regards the excessive oil consumption. I decided to let it go and live with the issue. It appears now that this engine has been proven to be a real lemon! It now appears to have a blown head gasket. The first sign is coolant being blown out of the reserve bottle under high pressure. I see there are no active posts on this subject but appears to have been noted in the UK. See https://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/105938-definitive-22-d4d-head-gasket-stance-by-toyota/ Does anyone in Australia have this problem. I haven't approached Toyota for comment. My service mechanic (non Toyota) says trade it in. It's not worth the risk of trying to fix it. Talbit
  5. Okay H4RD, what was the outcome. Are they going to replace the engine? Talbit
  6. I had a look at the new RAV4 diesel the other day. It looks like it's the same under the bonnet - just a newer look outside. But the engine is slightly different. It's still the same 2231 mL capacity. The model we have is the 2AD-FTV and the new model is the 2AD-FHV and in my case it's a 2 1/2 year difference in the manufacture date (June 2013 to Jan 2016). It's still a 2AD engine which I guess is the style but the next letters are different. I'm not sure what the other three letter refer to - different generations of the same engine? There must be something different or they wouldn't change the model number. Can we assume that the engine is the same but they've upgraded a few things - like fixing the oil consumption problem? I asked the sales guys and the service manager at two dealers now and not one of them would commit himself to saying categorically that the oil consumption problem has been fixed. Or maybe he doesn't know or doesn't care to know. Anyway, there is no way I'd buy the newer one just because they say it's okay! But it's interesting that this forum has gone very quiet. It seems no one with the newer engine has come onto the forum or started their own post to discuss any oil issues. Cheers Talbit
  7. Blacktux, Is it the oil pressure or the low oil level? It's the same warning light except the LCD panel will tell you if it's oil pressure or oil level. You've gotta be quick to see it. But you've clearly got a different issue now, whether it's related to the rebuild or not. I've decided not to go ahead with the rebuild. It's just not worth the risk and it doesn't fix the problem anyway. But I'll still keep an eye on this forum even if it is to keep it alive for others. Clearly Toyota don't intend to do anything about it and are hoping we'll all go away and won't bother them! I probably won't buy another Toyota except that my >15 year old petrol Camry still drives like a new car and burns NO oil. Best car I've ever had. I recon it'll last forever. It's approaching 300,000klm although we don't drive it as much now. Cheers Talbit
  8. Welcome to the forum which is getting very quiet. I think most people have given up with Toyota. So is yours a diesel or petrol? As far as we know it's only this particular 2AD-FTV diesel model which has the problem. See if you can find your vehicle manufacturing sticker (probably located on the door post) and see what your engine model is. 2 litres in 3000klm is a lot and there is definitely something wrong but my guess it's a different issue. Cheers Talbit
  9. Talbit

    What Rav for me ??

    Don't get the diesel !!! See in this forum with regards the excessive oil consumption. Cheers Talbit
  10. Okay figured it out... Yippeeee !! During a recent trip to Perth we said we have to do something about this or we'll go nuts. To cut a long story short I wrapped gaffer tape around the brackets where the bolts attach the nudge bar and the sound disappeared. I checked it by removing the tape and it came back. There was a resonance set by the wind near or around the lower bolt mounts. It's probably only unique to my nudge bar because of something odd in it's shape of the bracket or the nudge bar. Cheers Talbit
  11. Nothing like that with me blacktux. We just did a drive to Perth. Same issue with the oil consumption. I took a supply with me. I waited for the oil light to come on just to see for sure. I won't bother with the rebuild. It's just not worth it. Before our Perth trip I spoke to another dealer that's opened up near me. Firstly he said Toyota agreed to do the rebuild then he came back and said because he's a different dealer, they wanted to restart the oil consumption check sheet again. He said he'd do the rebuild but I'd still have to top it up between services, so what's the point. It's not enough for the oil light to come on! Cheers Talbit
  12. Thanks John, I won't bother with emailing them! I went into my local dealer today in Fyshwick Canberra. First I asked the sales guy about the new 2015 diesel and Had they fixed the oil consumption problem? He said Yes they had. I then asked What did they do to fix it and he said I'd better take you down to talk to the service manager. He told me that Yes that had fixed the problem. I said What did they do to fix it and basically he said they upgraded pistons and rings. So I said What are you going to do about fixing my car. He said he will look into doing the engine rebuild. So that's where I stand. No other forum member has reported 100% success so I'm reluctant to get it done but then again I can't complain if I don't try. He wants to have a closer look at the consumption sheet they asked me to fill out. I recon I'm well past that. The bottom line is if I let it go, the oil light will definitely come on once and possibly twice during a service period. A point he did make and what has been mentioned before in this forum... There are two warnings associated with the oil light. The first is "Engine Oil Low". If this warning comes on then it's still safe to drive the car for a short distance. The second is "Engine Oil Pressure Low". For obvious reasons you should not drive the car if this warning comes up. It's mentioned in the handbook on "Warning Messages" starting on page 428 in my book. Cheers Talbit
  13. That's amazing, but what you'd expect from them. It's a wonder they didn't say "First we've heard of it". Can you post the email address you used? But at the end of the day, they don't want to be bothered by customer's problems. They want you to go through the dealers. And that's where the problems lay. Cheers Talbit
  14. I have a 2013 Rav4 diesel and at about the 100 through to 120 klm range there is a strange 1Khz(approx) tone that comes and goes for no apparent reason. I can hear it in the cabin but can't figure out where it's coming from. It's driving me nuts. I can't relate it to speed - except as mentioned above, direction or anything that makes sense. It's not coming from the radio or the airconditioner. I don't think it's got anything to do with the shape of the car because it just fades in or out and has nothing to do with wind speed or the weather! And I can't relate it to engine speed and engine strain. It happens going up or down hill. It only occurs within the speeds mentioned above (not sure what happens over 120klm). Very strange. I recorded it on my phone. Anyone have the same problem? Cheers Tabit
  15. Dear Forum members, It's not like me not to respond. We need to keep this forum alive !!! I have been corresponding with Susuel privately which I guess is not what we should do. Basically I said that we are just going to have to live with it. Susuel tackled his Canberra dealer and it seems that they might still be selling the diesel Rav4 still with the same problem unfixed. Criminal in my book. My question remains... Are they still selling the crook model and if not, what did they do to fix it. Maybe we'll never know. I was listening to Tony Delroy on the ABC (Thursday nights) and the guy there was saying that the expertise for these issues is at the dealer level and not at Toyota headquarters in Melbourne. So basically, nothing will get done. They're only interersted in selling cars, not looking after the customer! Cheers Talbit ps Keep this forum alive !!!