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  1. Looks nice mate (is that black?)
  2. Hmm...It seems to be selling nicely in other countries (South Africa, Thailand, India, Indonesia) so maybe we have no idea what we're talking about?
  3. Yah I've been surprised that you don't see many on the road considering they've been out for just under a year. There are a few up my way in the Adelaide Hills but what usually happens is that people see new models getting around and then become interested (advertising doesn't hit everyone.) Let me know how it goes.
  4. Nice to hear! What are you getting (model, color?) ;-)
  5. Good to hear that you're happy with it after taking her for a good trip!
  6. The car drives completely different to the Tarago (more like a truck where the Tarago was quite smooth.) In saying that the Fortuner obviously feels very solid and seems to handle well on the road without being too noisy. I just got back from Melbourne where I got just under 8.5 liters per 100 kays which will only get better as I get more KM into her.
  7. G'day everyone. It's been a while. Anyway I have purchased a Fortuner Crusade. Anyone else out there with a Fortuner?
  8. Ninjaa


    Hi Cam, Nothing as yet mate (been busy up here in the hills with some new house drama's with the builder and no spare cash ) ;-(
  9. Nice machine mate! One thing I would like to add is that I think it would look Killa with some big mofo black rims! Cheers.. Ralf...
  10. Ninjaa


    Seems to be more and more people from SA getting on-board. With the nicer weather approaching might be time soon to organise an SA meet and greet. Now that would be cool.
  11. Ninjaa

    My car

    Sweet looking machine. White is so much easier than black to keep tidy!
  12. Ninjaa


    Not looking so shiny at the moment! Nothing worse than rain for 1 day and then nice weather for the next week. Don't buy a black car (pain in da *****)
  13. Ninjaa


    For sure (the hard part is trying to get my wife thinking like you)
  14. Ninjaa


    Hiya Dutchie, Nice looking machine which I haven't seen on the road as yet. Is it your daily drive?

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