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  1. I had 4-1 headers from hurricane exhaust and gained a big ammount in the top end with a full system. And oggi, I ported and polished my headers and got aftermarkets as well my freind owns liverpool exhaust so he let me try a pair he had lying around and i stuck it on a power run on the dyno and i got a extra 8kw at the wheels.
  2. umm nah im not dumb enough to swap my stock system ... coz i wont be able 2 sell my car in the future and i think i might know who your talking about. if his willing to sell cash with no swaps im interested You do sound dumb instead of paying all that money swop for the exhaaust and go to a wrecker in the future a buy a stock exhaust system for 200bux? and now you got a full exhaust system with a stock one for just 200 dollars instead of 2grand and then sell the system, if its a full system with headers you will get 700-800 bux for it so then you end up on top ;)
  3. The 1st to 2nd issue in my car was the clutch i changed the clutch and the flywheel it made changing a dream i highly recommend do that 1st with changes of the gear box oils. and your car would most likely be shifting like a dream unless your not the best of drivers and pretty much wrecked the box.
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      Kenshin X


  5. U00I0O06-0-I060OK-6OK5-9OI07080800800707

  6. Congrats did the extra hot dog, make yo loose any power at all?
  7. Dam weird problem but hitting a gutter can cause damage where you would least expect and now its with the insurance DONT take it back till its complete. i feel for u duy i had a similar problems with insurance but yours have extended way out of my lead man good luck :)
  8. How much for the full car, thats got the engine with all the work? And with the white one is the front end its only main damage or the whole car is kinda screwed is it worth repairing.?
  9. Dont do 3" outlet with 2.5inch pipe will be to loud go 2.5inch with 2.5inch stock exhaust size is 2.18
  10. Theres a guy i know who will pass it without even looking at the car.