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  1. OK - CBF waiting for people and need to get rid of tonight.. So I'll sell for $50 bucks..wtf eyy. Only tonight..before 11:00pm pickup at Stanhope gardens. No dents just a small gutter rash.. but for $50 who gives a sh#t.. Anyway text me if you're genuine. Don't PM me Cheers Mark
  2. Pm replied.. GUYS will need to get rid of tonight. Handing my keys to my house to agent. If there are no takers tonight I'll just have to give to a mate. Please sms me if you're keen. Pickup from Stanhope Gardens
  3. Around kellyville. Sms me if you are keen
  4. Bump 100 bucks just need them gone.. moving houses this weekend.
  5. OK Guys, PICS finally up. Sorry about the quality and wheels need abit of a wash (Carbon dust on them). Cheers
  6. Hey guys, ALL PMS Replied They're from a 2005 sportivo. I'll take pictures now TEXT ME on 0405633818 if you're still interested after the pic Regards Mark
  7. Hey Guys, Up for sale is my standard Sporitvo Rims (Painted Black). The rims will definitely need new tyres (on steels already - After track day years ago). Selling for $150 - not negotiating as its cheap as chips already. Pickup from Sydney Hills district. Will post pictures shortly
  8. spotted xoom, on the tip of my a$$ on the off ramp from OLD Windsor RD / Norwest Blvd...I was actually trying to overtake the rx7 (series 3), until i heard something scream... Btw wait till i fit the turbo on ;)
  9. As the other guys said, thats a good price...i'll take note about the flywheel...i'll make sure to get that machined... I rang around places and i got quoted $220 for a HD Exedy clutch kit...good price eyy.... I'll get the clutch done my a mechanic...i guess i'll hunt around and see who gives a good price...
  10. Where abouts in sydney? i got a good price for the clutch but everyone is charging like 600-700 for labour alone.. hmmm thats a wicked price i wonder dont you have to drop the subframe to do the clutch on these though? i spose it all depends on that and if it can be changed without totally removing the box i did a camry yesterday i just pushed the box to the side did you want the flywheel off cause i rekon i could do it if you just wanted an out and in clutch swap provided the flywheel stays bolted to the motor. have you got a clutch to put in? Nahh just doing a straight swap...don't think i need to machine the flywheel or anything..
  11. Where abouts in sydney? i got a good price for the clutch but everyone is charging like 600-700 for labour alone..
  12. Mate, I didn't say a little bit of cash.... well i've thought about giving it a crack myself...but we'll see