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  1. SCO-77K


    OOO thats nice! i love gt4s :D
  2. hey mate, im not to sure but check out.. they might be able to help you there.
  3. welcome to the board thomas! yes pics would be great :)
  4. Hey guys, seems like theres lots of newbs popping in. Just to keep it a bit organised thought if you're new you can say hello in here! So a big HELLO!! to all the noobs!! :D let us know what car you drive and post any pics if you have them!
  5. SCO-77K

    body kit

    yeah there isnt a big range in australia unfortunatly, USA have about 5 kits i think. If you had the money you could get one imported, i got quoted for an unpainted kit sent to AUS would cost about $6000!! no way thats more then my car hehe
  6. try here mate, theres 2 kits for the 3rd gen
  7. hey guys long time no chat. miss me? :P
  8. car looks tops mate, hope you get all the probs fixed!
  9. i got Gmail to! gotta love the 1gb :D
  10. debt collector ps: give me your money
  11. i was lucky cause i didnt pay hardly any labour cause a family friend did mine :D
  12. well i forgot to post my pics so here they are, sorry about the size