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  1. Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows it 2005-2015 N70 rear shackles will fit the same year TGN16? Reason i'm asking is because i want 1" rear lift from stock shackles but cant seem to find 1" specifically for my model but found some for an N70. If not, any ideas how i can raise 1"? Cheers!
  2. hi guys, just wondering what oil you would recomend for the 5sfe manual gearbox in a 1996 celica, ive heard some people using ATF and some saying its terrible stuff for it. other than that i cant find much else. the gearbox doesnt have any issues, but could be a tad less notchy if possible./ cheers
  3. i would be inclined to see this celica, where abouts in victoria are you mick?
  4. hi guys, just wondering what the fuel tank capacity is of the 1984 sa63 celica with the 2s-c engine??? thanks
  5. ok great, i actually just read a fair bit of gear on the net about the head gaskets going. im currently looking at a 1990 glx, with 175k on the clock. we will obveously check for head gasket damage but is there any signs that its ABOUT to fail? i understand you can easily see signs of a blown head gasket, but are there signs that its going to blow in the nearish future? because i dont want to buy this thing if there are no signs of head gasket damage, but in 6 months it blows. cheers
  6. thanks mate, they sound like a pretty solid motor. ill keep you posted.
  7. hey guys, im looking at purchasing an old cressida, and i was just wondering what (if any) were the common issues they had? i chose it since we all know toyotas have a solid rep, but i just wanted to make sure that this particular car was as solid as its name. cheers matt

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