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  1. GC_AUS


    Yo Conrod, Sometimes a bit of heat is needed - have a hunt on the tube there are plenty of techniques. - this is one eg - Definitely should be a zerc fitting in your uni joints though - some are in the end of the cross & some are in the middle depending on the exact version rgds G,
  2. GC_AUS

    3L black smoke under load (94 LN106 2.8D)

    Steve, You’ve done the right thing certainly with the timing belt & valves. Do the obvious things first - IE: sitting around for 10 years = all the crud that was in the tank has gone through the system to the filters or to the pump & injectors if it got past the filter. My guess is the filter will be clogged with gunk out of the tank. Diesel grows mildew over time when sitting so this cloggs filters real quick once its shaken up. 1. Drain tank & fresh fuel (you have probably done this by driving it) 2. Replace all filters = fuel, air - assuming you changed the oil & filter already. 3. Run a decent quality tank cleaner & injector cleaner through & then replace the fuel filters again. This might sound excessive but a set of filters is cheap compared to injectors or pump. The Liqui moly diesel purge is a good product - there are others of course. See here = https://youtu.be/Bgg3Y2vzWes - add to the filter when changing. - a good set of instructions here - https://liqui-moly.com.au/how-to-clean-your-diesel-fuel-system/ - ( I have no affiliation with liquimoly so use whatever brand you like the look of) Once you know the air, fuel & oil is all getting to the engine clean go for a drive & give it a bit! - diesels like to work so being driven soft with no load will create glazed bores & smoke. A good hot work out will usually get a smoky motor running clean again but don’t thrash it until you are sure you can do so safely. It’s a simple elimination process = clean fuel, air, oil & if its still bad then start investigating the pump & injectors. rgds G.
  3. GC_AUS

    KZN185 Steering Bush Kit

    Hi Eloise / Clinton, A bit shy on details there so you might need to look a bit further IE: year etc. You could also try these which may be of use http://www.toyotasurf.asn.au/ - specifically for Surf models https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/hilux-surf-4runner-42450/kzn185-54841 - choose model & you will get to a parts diagram rgds G. Seems that link above doesn't help much try this = http://www.toyotasurf.asn.au/forum/index.php?sid=cec91bdc1f7a59f18644ad96652f51c6
  4. GC_AUS

    for the Cruiser nuts

    Jay Leno 60 series https://youtu.be/XbqLV8Md25A
  5. GC_AUS

    Different wheels and a bullbar on a 2011 Hilux

    Lance, 2 cents….. Careful about changing wheels for a few reasons,- Will change gearing & affect economy (worse) - speedo out & higher loads on gearbox = shorter lifespan Legalities in different states - some will pull you over & check the wheel size etc Insurance may be void with incorrect wheels (check size allowance for your vehicle) Potential scrubbing of guards or steering components etc I hear your point that some genuine Toyota bars are a bit "frumpy" - have a look around at other Lux's & see which ones you like the look of - ARB, TJM, Opposite Lock etc all make good quality bars,- just check to make sure it is an air bag suitable bar with appropriate brackets etc. Careful with alloy bars - they don’t really do much to save the car if you nudge one of those big bad grasshoppers. They are good to hang the lights off & they are light but alloy bars bend very quickly straight back onto the bonnet or into the corners in an off centre impact. Remember one grasshopper & you have saved the cost of the bar. rgds G.
  6. GC_AUS

    Tyre Wear Landcruiser 200 Series

    you might also contact this guy......?
  7. GC_AUS

    Tyre Wear Landcruiser 200 Series

    Andrew, So the obvious things,- · Get an independent wheel alignment check - IE: not from the Toyota dealer but a proper tyre / alignment shop · Check brakes aren't dragging = raise the wheel & check for abnormal resistance · Be gentle on U turns & roundabouts IE: don’t grind off the edge of the tyre accelerating hard into or out of a roundabout or U turn. The second point here can/ will be done at the same time as the alignment check. Pressures you are obviously onto so you know what to do. All 4WD's will scrub the offside tyre if pushed in corners or on dramatically cambered surfaces because they are tall, heavy etc. you know this? FWIW- beware of Toyota dealers up selling the service….. on my cruiser when under new car service the dealers kept telling me there was something wrong because my brake pads weren't wearing properly (fast enough) & one dealer also wanted to do an entire power steering flush & rebuild but could give me no reason for wanting to do this. This was to be an additional $300 on my fixed price service… the same dealer also offered me "special oil" at an additional cost of only…. You guessed it $300. I did flush the steering system independently out of pure paranoia & still have the same brake pads….. as you might guess I went to a different dealer after that. Try asking them to confirm what engine oil they use…. That will be fun for you. In my experience the best dealers seem to be the family owned, multi brand, franchise with apprentice training onsite. These proved to be the only ones who actually took care to make sure the vehicle was serviced as it was meant to be. For sure there are good & bad so you get good & bad at any dealer but shop around & tread carefully. Rgds G.
  8. GC_AUS

    Questions about 2002 Hilux Workmate

    Hey Josh, optional on that model so some do/ some dont... could be one or two fitted depending how much you spent at the time. if no logo on wheel then pretty safe to assume not but you should find two phillips screws behind the wheel to remove the horn button = behind the spokes. lift off the horn button & you will see etc now to be sure to be sure... just disconnect the battery before you do that - the french chalk they put inside airbags is hard to wash out of your hair... :) also under the dash you should see various yellow wiring looms running about the place - this is the pre-wiring for airbags put in at the factory. when you get them as an option the wiring is already in place. if you follow the ones to the steering column you may see they stop at a suitable point. this might be of use for you to have a look at the diagrams before operating https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/hilux-4runner-truck-42451/rzn149-57015/rzn149r-prmskq-934861#grp=&s=air not sure i have exact model there but you can go up one level to select the exact etc. dont sniff the chalk...... ;)
  9. GC_AUS

    Questions about 2002 Hilux Workmate

    cant see why not - But..... your location says NT so that makes me think you might actually expect your bar to work against them big bad jumpin rats rather than just be somewhere to hang your lights off - alloy bars have a nasty habit of folding straight back onto the bonnet if you hit anything so i would do your homework & consider a steel one as well. Talk to others is your area to see what they have found works etc. only other thing is make sure if you have airbags the bar has the relevant bracketry to suit the airbags. They have either crumple zones built in or brackets designed to work with the airbags that fit between the bar & chassis Rgds G.
  10. GC_AUS


    try these for more info = https://www.toyota.com.au/main/landcruiser-200 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Land_Cruiser#J200_(2007–present) https://www.toyota.com.au/main/LandCruiser-200/Prices https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/results?sort=Published&s=0&l=15&evnt=refinement&q=((Make%3D[toyota]%26Model%3D[landcruiser])%26YearRange%3Drange[2007..]) https://www.toyota.com.au/suvs-4wds interestingly the 200 is the top of the line Toyota SUV as opposed to a true 4X4 - IE: it has semi floating rear axle & a lot of SUV specs & is in the 4Runner / Surf / Prado LandCrusier line-up from Toyota Japan whereas the 70 series follows on from the original 15/25/35/40 etc. there are good & bad points to this depending what you are looking for. rgds G.
  11. GC_AUS

    90s - 2004 hilux workmate - what to buy

    Hmmmm yes gearboxes….. Wise words there- some have the R151F gearbox which is also referred to as the R151Fail box… My KZN165R has that box & I've never had troubles but just do a little looking & you'll find no end of dramas with that - most often because of too much power after turbo or over geared with big wheels or towing in 5th gear. 5Th gear on that box is really just for cruising with no load so DO NOT TOW in 5th is the rule. you might also be interested in these = https://newhilux.net/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=51 - pre 05 models http://www.hilux4x4.co.za/views/ http://brian894x4.com/Hiluxdifferences.html http://www.tacomaforum.com/ https://www.tacomaworld.com/
  12. GC_AUS

    90s - 2004 hilux workmate - what to buy

    Try this dude = not specifically 2WD but mostly still applicable. They are not "unbreakable" but they are close.... & certainly as far as parts & maintenance goes they are pretty a simple machine with good life expectancy as long as you maintain them. Just search by the specific model you like & you will find tons of data Rgds G.
  13. GC_AUS

    1995 Rim Colour

    check this at the store where you buy but i have used Duplicolour DSHD04 on cruiser std rims & its a match to new colour. Not sure if Lux rims could be a little different but they should be close-
  14. GC_AUS

    Tyre & rims advice for 2003 Hilux

    Hey Bonjos, you might find these of use- https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/results?q=(And.Service.Redbook._.RecordType.Car._.CountryCode.AU._.(C.Make.Toyota._.(C.Model.Hilux._.(Or.Series.VZN172R._.Series.VZN167R.))))&evnt=refinement find your exact model & look up tyres etc https://www.megazip.net/zapchasti-dlya-avtomobilej/toyota/hilux-4runner-truck-42451/vzn167-57031/vzn167r-prmseq-934888 scroll down to wheels https://tire-calc.com/# or this one is better perhaps- https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/ https://tiresize.com/comparison/ put in your standard Vs desired outcome. As far as the advice you were given... 1. check what you want compared to what you can have legally - (read your PDS to make sure your vehicle will still be covered by insurance after the change) - particularly in NSW. 2. partially see above - I have Hancock but i normally refer to them as Hankook's on my Lux & i think they are pretty good for the money. A bit noisy but otherwise have been faultless for 40K - i rotate them every 5K so they are wearing well. = Hankook Dynapro MT 30 x 9.5R15LT = 29.8"Ø (757mmØ) They are a bit wide for my liking so the vehicle has a very light footprint & can skid around rather than biting in offroad. Sometimes this is a good thing.... 3. this guy might take you for a ride.... since maybe 1970? all tyres have been pretty much tubeless tyres often until split rims went out of fashion fitted with tubes on split rims. I am not convinced you could even buy a "tube tyre" anymore so if you are keeping the splits then they will be tubless tyres with tubes because you cant fit a split rim without a tube - simple. As far as split rims there is a lot of hype about them & you'll get told all sorts of terrifying stories but the real split rims dont exist any more as they are all called "safety rims" IE: they do have some safety features to try to stop them killing everybody within 1000k's... have read of this over a coffee or a beer & then make your own choice = http://www.beadelltours.com.au/rim_debate.html for most tubless tyres on full rims are the go but split rims are still widely used in the bush by farmers & offroad vehicles. enjoy the new purchase!
  15. GC_AUS


    Short answer... not really - some are / some aren't. PCD = 6x139.7 Cruiser is 7.50 x 16 - 6 stud 5.5" width Hilux is early 7.00 x 16 - 6 stud 5.0" width or later 6Jx16 ET35 with R205 R16 tyres.... the problem you might find is offset & brake clearance. You show an 80 series cruiser which oddly have different offset to other cruisers pending exactly which version you have- again caliper clearance is the issue. best is to check the actual rims you intend to use. & maybe try this = https://www.wheel-size.com/size/toyota/ rgds G.