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  1. AE112r tofu

    Shame about the damage, the old wheels looked awesome What size were they? 15inch?
  2. AE112r tofu

    Looks good. What else have you done with it? or any future plans
  3. CherryRipe

    Oh yeah sounds good, I'm interested to see what more the 1zz can do I might consider performance depending if i keep it or not
  4. CherryRipe

    Looks good. What have you got planned next?

    Need to get a meet happening sometime, anyone interested? I noticed theres a few new members that might come
  6. Car Service Timings

    I would say get it done soon Consider water pump and coolant replacement if they haven't been changed
  7. Hi All...

    I like the colour of your camry, I always see so many white ones everywhere
  8. New member - future owner?

    Welcome Ive considered looking at either a Hilux or Prado for my next car, leading towards the Prado. I love the GXL! I would love to get a nice white or bronze/gold one
  9. 2005 Corolla Sportivo Eyelids

    I think they are hard to find now I got some from Topstage who are based in victoria a couple years ago. They probably don't make them anymore, maybe custom order which could be expensive
  10. They do exist, just depends what you want. What 50lemons posted is what they look like. I tried getting some through wreckers, but most were average quality or damaged. I recommend you at least get a new aftermarket set, or you may need to buy from toyota I decided to buy from toyota which has the quality anyway, just expensive like you mentioned.
  11. I'm in!

    Thats interesting Any major damage to the bumper?
  12. I'm in!

    Welcome to the forum. 2005 corolla though? 2005 should be a facelift version Looks good though
  13. Under 'Vehicle Applications' the ZZE122/123 is listed there If your unsure, i would say give whiteline a call to get confirmation. Ask them what the part number is, see if it matches what the website has listed?
  14. New member from QLD

    Welcome. Have a look around, check out the hilux section Do you have a picture of your car? I like those TRD hilux
  15. Rear suspension location ZZE wagon

    I doubt there would be any type of access The hatchbacks have nothing there, don't see why the wagon would have one