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  1. Terry at Road and track is a super specialist on them, or jump on spyderchat.com it a forum full of details! Anything particular you'd like to know about them?
  2. It doesn't have a timing belt but a timing chain which doesn't need changing as often. It does have a belt for the air con.
  3. Toyota Mr2 30th Anniversary Event NSW 28th June 2014 This year marks 30 years since the AW11 Toyota MR2 was first available for sale back in 1984, so the MR2 Club of NSW has decided to host an event and celebrate this milestone for the car and marque that we love! 2014 will also be the 25th anniversary of the SW20 (first launched in 1989) and the 15th anniversary of the ZZW30 (launched in 1999) MR2's, so it's a special year no matter which model you own and love! The activities for the day will start with a cruise, our convoy of MR2's driving over the Anzac and Sydney Harbour bridges meet
  4. http://www.mr2australia.com/mr2play/tm.aspx?m=99064
  5. MMM...feeling like a cruise but them clouds dont look good!!

  6. Thanks for the offer, i was able to find one closer!
  7. hey guys, my engine just blew in my mr2 spyder and going to replace the block and head, looking for a 1zz-fe engine out of a spyder or a corolla. price $600 - $700 Any help would be great Thanks
  8. Just been out for a cruise down to bondi!

    1. juvenile


      Nice night for it

  9. You asking about the smt? just recently brought a 2000 model spyder and did some research on them. most common problem is the clutch goes between 130,000-140,000k mark but if driven hard all the time sooner and than gearbox may need a rebuild which ive been told.so if the car has about the k mark check if the clutch or gearbox has been done, also some people dont realize the gearbox is your normal 5 speed and no special clutch but the hydraulics controls the clutch for you so they put the wrong fluid in the gearbox. another issues is with the ecu if you disconnect the battery for more than a c
  10. If i wax or clean the car with any other products it voids the warranty!!
  11. Brought the car almost 2 years ago. it has life time warranty. so i guess in many years to come if my paint fades theyll just have to respray it lol
  12. So is that the reason its call a dvd sat nav system cause it only plays gps dvd disks? lol
  13. When i brought my 2003 Rav 4 from castle hill Toyota got offered a deal to have paint and interior protection on the car! Got given a starter pack with car shampoo, wax and bug and tar remover! I ran out of these and now have to buy the car shampoo from castle hill toyota only but no wax is available! i went and spoke to the lady that sold it to us and she said just use the car shampoo and it will look like its been waxed but it doesnt. just looks like a clean car but paint doesnt have that sparkle it had with the wax and as soon as it rains you defiantly notice how awesome wax is lol. Anyone
  14. When i brought my 2003 Rav 4 it came with a Toyota sat nav. with the car got given 2 different instruction manual also a reference guide! The reference guide says its a DVD satellite Navigation System and shows a picture of the unit same as whats in my car with the same unit number, i have tried putting a dvd in the unit and doesnt recognize the dvd. Is there another version of the unit or firmware so i can play dvds?
  15. I own a 2003 rav 4 cruiser and i have the same problem. the guage doesnt read accurately. on many occasions ive filled the tank up and the petrol nozel cuts out, even once had a bit of petrol come out and its read a quater under full. is it a fault in the float in the tank? and is it best to get a toyota float put in?

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