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  1. I can only comment on Cusco coilovers which I highly recommend. I noticed a pair for sale on another thread here: Not sure what city/state he is in though.
  2. Ends tomorrow.
  3. I would try supercheap first but if they don't have the right ones and you are happy to wait try this shop on ebay:
  4. I just found Superdave's instructions for making the harness to fit here: I wish I saw that earlier as I would have given it a crack. Mine is coming from here:
  5. Wreckers would be the cheapest but if you can't be bothered go to It will be more expensive and the parts won't fit 100% perfect but a good crash repair place that doesn't mind working with fibreglass should be able to install and paint them so that nobody can tell the difference. The front and rear bumper stuff you will find under front and rear lip (the Sportivo rear bumper is the same as yours but I know a lot of us install the "JP Style" rear lip). Hope that helps mate.
  6. They do it every 2 weeks on a Sunday and call it the supercar run or something. Drive to the coast for lunch and back. There is a chrome LFA as well with some lotus elise's, porshes, and a Mclaren.
  7. White Sportivo with all the exterior mods you can lay your hands on with the plate "GIG13" heading North on Webster Rd Sunday morning.
  8. I do. No issues with them and I'm in Brisbane. PM me for more details or pics and I'll organise it.
  9. Because of this I checked my cabin filter and I didn't have one either!! How annoying. I have tweeters though...
  10. Monkey Wrench Racing but like Prozak said are you sure it's your syncros??? Both myself and my mechanic were sure that my syncros were on the way out but when I had my LSD installed I had the gearbox hot pressure washed and inspected and apparently everything was perfect. If it's the crunch in lift that's your issue I can say that the longer pushrod didn't solve my issue but an aftermarket clutch and better gearbox oil did.
  11. Frank you got a link? Forget it... Kenshin X... Turns out the X makes a difference....
  12. should do, i don't think there is any difference between pre facelift and facelift. will let you guys know what postage costs turn out to be. still waiting on a reply. Mine is pre-facelift. Fits no problem.