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  1. http://media.domain.com.au/news/victoria-news/cctv-mystery-man-hit-by-car-in-kilsyth-8464453.html
  2. Charge n Maintain

    TRD supercharger is the only factory bolt kit to fit 1ZZ
  3. https://www.autostyle.co.za/vehicle-categories/toyota/runx-corolla-01up.html you may need someone in sa to ship if you cannot persuade them to ship exceptionally to you outside of sa
  4. Charge n Maintain

    Might be putting the supercharge for sale. Any EOI please dm me.
  5. the rear seat base is removed by kneeing it upwards or if you can grab hold with your hands to pull it up.
  6. supercharger

    being 10 years since trd stopped production these are extremely rare. from the photos this one is not in the best nick and for any australian thinking about it you cannot just plug n play this you will need computer, harness, map and tune, spark plugs, thermostat, belt, manifold gasket, commonly people do away with the 5th injector non sense so you will need upgraded injectors too. not cheap but can help as i have been through all that and documented. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2zz-corrolla-vibe-matrix-trd-supercharger-/162606319476
  7. Charge n Maintain

    14 years can you believe it? Maybe the next time I post it will be 15 years. I removed the blower to get service and have not installed it back on. I was thinking of selling it if someone was interested. After watching this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIyG67pq_xA
  8. Charge n Maintain

    Anyone have experience the cheaper alternatives for brake rotors found on ebag? I have only used RDA before but looking for something generic lower cost in view of keeping the car low n maintained
  9. http://vi.raptor.ebaydesc.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItemDescV4&item=201222376399
  10. Charge n Maintain

    I did the tune so far and plan for dyno tune when a few more mods completed on the engine. I have the alum radiator and greddy radiator breather and a 3 inch intake to install.
  11. Charge n Maintain

    Finally I found a vendor with a quality aluminium radiator for the both 1zz 2zz. Will install this next with Samco silicone hoses top and bottom radiator. Too bad the shroud for the fan will cover up some of the alum sexiness
  12. Charge n Maintain

    2 photos did not upload with the post.
  13. Have owned the car for 13 years. TRD supercharged, a small blower but gives the poke it needs. Have not had any issues but as I seldom drive the battery goes flat. I was using a 3 stage 2500mA smart charger but it only had alligator clips, this was troublesome having to reach into the engine added that I run a carbon bonnet. So I looked for a solution and today I hardwired a low current battery charger. I prefer the slower charge than to charge the battery too quickly. I used 3M tape and found a convenient but also hidden space on the ECU. Though the Projecta is a 2 stage charger, it is designed for a permanent installation. I thought about wall mounting the charger but decided having it inside the cabin would be a clean install. Anyone else here need to use a battery charger regularly?
  14. Welcome! Dark tint and the flat white will look great. Does it take 91 ULP or only 95 Premium and up?