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  1. I just gave my 2011 Kluger to my daughter with 405000 kms on it. Still going strong! (always serviced)
  2. Try bluetooth audio, ie: get some music playing on your phone, through the radion, then open WAZE/MAPS BTW its an option when you pair, to pair just the phone or phone and music, you need to do the latter Try bluetooth audio, ie: get some music playing on your phone, through the radion, then open WAZE/MAPS BTW its an option when you pair, to pair just the phone or phone and music, you need to do the latter
  3. Just got mine replaced 3 year old Kluger 100000kms, it had already been replaced once, had got to the stage it felt dangerous?? No idea how Toyota get away with this, I just despair at the greater number of Kluger / Camry owners, who are so out of touch with their vehicles that they don't notice the clunk. That said the dealer said he had 300 DPRs on his desk for this problem, and mine was one of the first they had actually fixed. The "story" my dealer told me was that for each individual car they have to submit a DPR, and the part/repair gets "authorised" by Toyota? It is quite a separate pro
  4. Huh? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=toyota+intermediate+steering+shaft http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/40958-attn-kluger-owners-steering-intermediate-shaft-knocking-noise/ http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/37637-intermediate-steering-shaft/
  5. The point is, it's not just Klugers, but other toyota variants in the mid range size cars? ie camry / rav 4 etc have all be subject of repair / recall etc.
  6. Yep had mine replaced at about 20k or 30k (can't remember) and its been back again from 45k now at 60km and much worse.
  7. Down load either doc from my dropbox, and you will see an exploded diagram
  8. Actually I was wrong, looks like from 2003 same part same problem?? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/25027612/TOYOTA%20TECHNICAL%20SERVICE%20BULLETIN%20ST001-06.pdf https://dl.dropbox.com/u/25027612/TSB_ST003_04%20Steering%20Link%20Shaft%20Noise.pdf%E2%80%8E.pdf NHTSA Technical Service Bulletin: 10019873 / 00106 Tagged with: TOYOTA > CAMRY > 2003 Vehicle Database Page TOYOTA > CAMRY > 2004 Vehicle Database Page TOYOTA > HIGHLANDER > 2004 Vehicle Database Page TOYOTA > HIGHLANDER > 2005 Vehicle Database Page TOYOTA > CAMRY > 2005 Vehicle Database Page TOYOTA > CAMRY >
  9. We have a 2011 Kluger, it is our first Toyota, Great Car, but the one thing that connects the person to the car, is the steering wheel, so a problem in the steering, seems much magnified over say a knock in another part of the car. For this reason alone, you would think that Toyota would sort this out. However, a quick internet search of this issue reveals that it has been a reported problem for at least 6 years on different Toyota variants. In some vehicles, it has even been the subject of a recall. Clearly Toyota are not currently motivated to fix it. Whilst the problem may not currently be
  10. This AND the fact that some novated lease companies get screaming good deals with Toyota :) of course you probably pay for this in the the fees they charge!
  11. Have a 2011 Kluger, had the intermediate steering shaft replaced at 30 or 40k service, problem returned very quickly, have mentioned it at each service since then, but the service centre Buckles have done nothing, service manager told me toyota are obviously aware of the problem, but haven't come up with a solution yet???? Other than replace the shaft. Very disappointing.
  12. Our Kluger is just pushing 60oooKs and is 20 months old (we drive to melb and the snow a lot from SYD). Still feels like a new car (when it is clean) we had the steering shaft prob, but god thats nothing compared to the problems friends have with Euro cars (VWs etc) This car is our first Toyota, and there will be MANY more, if they are all like this!
  13. Just an update, the new mat they gave me is a slightly different design, it doesn't have the "dangly" bits around the seat belts that seemed to contribute to the tearing
  14. If you want to get into the mail order business, maybe reply in this thread over at the toyonation forum http://www.toyotanation.com/forum/122-2nd-generation-2008/412021-highlander-2012-aftermarket-radio-like-some-klugers.html Or for anyone who has removed their standard stereo....

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