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  1. It ended up being the VVTi oil line that burst. Got it repaired under warranty Thank you everyone for the help and answers Tim
  2. here are some pics of the oil cap havent had a chance to put more oil in, dont want to make it worse either
  3. ah k cool the car only has 64,000kms on it
  4. basically this is what happen ( should have mentioned this earlier) I was driving to maccas and as I was going through drive through the air con switch started flashing so I checked the manual and it said that there was something wrong with the air con and take it to service dealer. As I was driving home no oil or engine lights came on and just as I got home I heard a clunk then as I parked the car I could smell oil burning and saw underneath that all my oil was on the floor as if someone undone the sump plug and oil filter. I have taken a couple of pics to show you and see if anyone can pick anything up. on pic 4 (IMG_0058) there is a valve that doesnt have a cap or anything, could that be were the oil came from and the cap exploded off it? or is it nothing Tim
  5. had a look today under the hood and i doubt it is the head gasket basically i have lost all the oil out of the engine. judging by the way it has exploded on the drivers side of the engine it is something worse :(
  6. hey everyone i was wondering how hard it is to change a head gasket on a 2008 Toyota aurion ATX? I believe i have blown one and was looking at doing it myself if it is not to hard. Does anyone have any websites that they can show me? thanks for your help Tim
  7. Hey everyone My name is Tim and i live in perth with my family and i have joined the Toyota scene with the purchase of a 2008 Toyota Aurion ATX. Its a orsm car with alot of potential and i plan on doing some mods to it ie exhaust, rims, suspension and some cosmetic changes as well. I used to drive a modified subaru wrx but had to get rid of it coz had to get a family car b4 the birth of our son. Lookin forward to seeing what i can do with this car and the outcome it brings Tim Martin