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  1. I would if I wasn't on P plates. But it is an option in the future.
  2. So I've bought my weekend warrior. With the Aurion being my daily, I thought that it was time to get something to have a little fun in. Here she is. My '96 MR2 Bathurst Edition Modifications already on the car: Bigger custom cams and forged bigger high top pistons New valve springs and lifters Cylinder bores polished Ported heads Exhaust ports enlarged Bearings upgraded Hurricane leads Lightened flywheel Grinded cranks Custom header High flow cat Quad pipe Magnaflow exhaust Microtech ECU K&N air filter Lowered with King springs 18" Koya wheels Slotted front discs Side skirts.
  3. yes they are called varex. I'm getting the exhaust done on my car this wednesday. Cat back system with magna flow mufflers. I'll try get a video up for people if I can.
  4. I installed fog lights on my AT-X. I bought a kit from Mars Performance. It cost me $99 and its very easy to wire up. It's got its own loom so you'll have to install the wiring yourself from the engine bay to cabin. But it has everything you need: fuse, relay, switch, lights and covers. The wiring installation only involves tapping into a ground near the lights, a ground in the cabin, a constant power, and switched power.
  5. Not sure how I resolved THIS problem. But what I did do, is run the tank to near empty, purchase fuel cleaner additive, and filled 98RON for at least 2 or 3 fill ups, and since then this problem hasn't occurred again. I wish I had my OBD scanner back then and could get the code that the ecu was showing.
  6. So for anyone who has this code ever come up, definitely check all of the plugs that connect to any part of the intake. It is definitely part of that. This was the cause of mine: Somehow, one of the wires from the plug had snapper, probably from wear and tear. But with a bit of soldering, hopefully its fixed.
  7. Thanks for calling him. I also managed to get hold of a Toyota employee and he says its a vacuum hose or intake malfunction. So I believe what you're saying and what he's saying is the same thing. HUGE +1 for this error code.
  8. As the title says, anyone know? I've searched high and low, with mixed results. Some being powertrain, others being intake, and cooling system. I have confirmed that this is the code, from two ECU OBDII scanners, one bluetooth and one wired, and from ABS service department.
  9. After getting the sensor replaced ($395) and getting the major service done ($440), I'm still getting the damn check engine light coming on. 1 week of having a licence back and this is what I have to deal with. GRRR If anyone has any info on what could be the problem, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share
  10. well technically not fixed yet. Tuesday i'm getting it all done. Then she'll be fixed :D
  11. UPDATE 2: So got the car back from Toyota, costing me 80$ for the check. The problem was a faulty sensor. Air/Fuel sensor Bank 2. They were quoting me 550$ to get it changed, parts and labor, and on top of that get the 90000k service done on the car, bringing the total cost up to ~1500$. So instead i'm getting it done by ABS in Epping for 380$ for the service, plus the cost of the sensor, so I'm looking at around ~700$. I really dont know how manufacturers can charge so much for these kind of things.
  12. UPDATE: drove the car from mill park to craigieburn with no lights. As I got into craigieburn and drove around a bit, lights came on again, and stayed on all the way home .. not what i wanted when getting my licence back grrrr
  13. with a bit of advice from a friend, i disconnected the battery for about half an hour to reset the ecu. the warning lights are gone, but i'll have to give it another drive to make sure its gone

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