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  1. Shipping for the foglights is $34, intake is $74, so all up I'll do shipping for $100. Which gives a total of $355 for both items shipped to Melbourne 3000.
  2. Hi guys, since I'm not gonna modify my car any further due to me wanting to sell it in the next half year, I might aswell sell this Cusco brace. Part number is 942 475 A Has NEVER been fitted to a car, I opened up the box to have a look at the instructions, so it's brand new. Image taken off google since it's brand new. For anyone who doesn't know what this brace does, it's basically like a front lower swaybar, sharpens up steering and increases stability when cornering. Those were the reasons I bought it, i just never fitted it, and now don't see the point...if no one is interested in it I'll probably put it on! asking $110 firm, not negotiable Cheers, Seb
  3. more photos of the rolla with stickerbomb lip?
  4. hey charles, still got the rotors?
  5. who sells a foglight kit but decides to not supply a many headaches, cant figure it out! grrr

    1. 69.NIX
    2. Seby123


      3 cables left where i dont know where they go lol

  6. corolla lol, will definitely take it on the track this year
  7. reduced the price to $1200 now, wont go any lower. if they dont sell now im keeping them for the track
  8. $1400 need them gone i'd be cheering if i got ce28n's for that cheap, i paid quite a bit more
  9. how hard is it to sell a genuine set of wheels these days wow

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jaay


      Lol aren't they the volks?

    3. Brendan94


      Sold mine within 8 hours on gumtree lolol

    4. Seby123


      yea but brendan yours were like bob jane wheels lol