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  1. is another store you might want to check out sometimes they have wheels on special.
  2. interested in TWM shifter cable and base bushings - if you are selling
  3. can i get this guys details too??? wouldnt mind getting ti done in my corolla :)
  4. spotted John (juvenile)driving up wellington rd at 9:30AM this always looking clean man heading to work aye?
  5. i am sure Pete always has stickers with him lol.. oh well cant make it to this one.. i got a few weddings on the day
  6. heheh that sound like a great plan... what plan for the holiday season
  7. you are going yp be the lonely kermit lol... to bad my break starts on the 20th
  8. thanks man...since you said that i was going i will have to go now..
  9. Got the 3a is still on intake, the injen hasn't been used by myself but was used by dutchie. Condition isn't too bad nothing, could do a clean though as been sitting in garage though. When you want to meet up?