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  1. Please keep fighting this. We need more Kluger owners to raise this. It really should be a recall and not some sort of 'maybe' dealer fix.
  2. Well finally after a month of submitting the dealer report and 2 phone calls chasing the dealer, they confirmed Toyota 'approved' the fix, but they advised like another member of the forum, that they want 50% of the cost of the part and they will cover the labour and the other 50% of the part. The 50% charge is approx $110. Now after paying extra $1500 for extended warranty when purchasing the vehicle (2009 build purchased in 2010 from Toyota), I am loathed to pay $110 for what is clearly a Toyota fault. All this leaves a me with a very poor experience to the point where I feel unless I spend months fighting it with Toyota, I am stuck with 'jap crap' which cannot be sold due to how noticeable the fault is. This fault is nearly 12months old for me and its been 9 months since I originally posted this thread. It just shows utter disrespect and contempt for their customers.
  3. This has been posted multiple times, no need to start a new thread.
  4. Attention GSU40 GSU45 Owners. After becoming frustrated with a noise emanating from my steering every time i turned left, reporting it to Toyota the past 2 times its been for service and being told that they couldn't replicate the issue, this time it was just too loud for them to ignore and feel through the steering wheel. They have finally admitted there is an issue and they have been issued a Technical Newsflash from Toyota Australia (TNF 06/13). In a nutshell, they wont fix it now, there is no fix to date, they are testing a few things and will have a formal fix. I personally have driven or been in 3 various Klugers (2009 to 2012 models) and all exhibit this issue. On a personal satisfaction level, I am very disappointed with Toyota and the fact that the issue has been around since the release of the GSU40/45 series in 2008 and no fix exists. Please make formal complaint with your dealer, reference this Technical NewsFlash and hopefully one day we will get a fix. Please post your experiences here if you find a fix or a dealer that is willing to help. Cheers Toyota.TNF.06.13.pdf
  5. I have an 09 Kluger Grande with what sounds like the same 'knock' which can be audibly heard and felt though the steering wheel. I also went for a drive in an '11 Kluger KX-S and it also had the same knock. Has anyone got further info on how to ensure the dealer fixes this? I explained to them on the last service and they said they couldn't replicate the fault, but its still there.
  6. Guys, If anyone is interested, Toyota sells the genuine sidesteps for $860 trade. The cheapest non-trade is a guy off ebay who was charging $1052, but i messaged him and got it down to $890 delivered which is pretty good. I was quoted by Toyota $1500 to supply and fit!! If you buy from Toyota direct, make sure you bargin.
  7. phez

    Rotten egg smell??

    Just purchased a 2009 Kluger Grande and confirm its got the rotten egg smell when you have WOT (Wide Open Throttle) for 5+ seconds. This ridiculous that it occurs on such a new model car. It should not happen full stop, irrespective of the fuel you use. I suspect its the type of catalytic converter used. Just filled up with Caltex 95 and will see if the problem still occurs at the 1/2 full tank of fuel mark.