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  1. Mine is an LN106 dual cab. Numbers change based on engine/trans combination I'd assume seeing there is diesel and petrol variants. Not sure if the SR5 has a different code either.
  2. jump onto - plenty of site sponsors in case you're looking for any parts. also, if you're looking for well priced OEM parts - Curt @ Elmhurst Toyota in the US is the best - he charges his cost price to you for bits and pieces and is excellent to deal with. bear in mind that if you post this up on supraforums people will be asking you when you're dropping a GTE or 1UZ into it. :)
  3. Banner is long gone (blocks too much of the driver visibility and didn't look that great on the car). Gold wheels surprisingly looked quite good on it, but unfortunately they are for sale as the wheels don't clear my front brakes. :(
  4. Yeah I didn't think the CF looked right at all. Got the dent taken out of it too which has been great. Modifying it... well, I bought it to enjoy the car. The kms will go up eventually. I'd rather enjoy it (I don't have a plan to ever sell it anyway) then sit there and leave it unused to keep the kms low... I figure so long as the mods are tasteful, then the car will still be clean. :) She is overdue for a clean though! Hopefully this weekend...
  5. Some more pictures (fitting Cusco coilovers): Found a bonnet in RSP (I didn't like the CF bonnet, broke up the clears clean look in my opinion): Some random photos out and about: So I then sourced an ARC box (from Denmark!!): Original Filter: Fitted: Fitted up some Kicker KS60 6" fronts, with MDF mounts. The only thing I would recommend for anyone swapping the speakers over, is to put a washer on the inside of the door trim where the plastic pin is as removing the speaker box also removes the place this pin sits, putting a washer there just stops it moving around and falling out. Then I fitted up some S1 arm rests (for that real stitching look!) Also fitted up the Carbon Fibre arm rest to the door trim now that I had it all taken apart. Finished door trim: Once I give her another clean and detail I'll chuck up some pictures of her LED tail lights and Full CF Dash + Full TRD Dash.
  6. I'll lift this off of Supraforums where I initially put up the post... Basically I've wanted a Supra since I was 11/12. It is and probably always will be my dream car. I don't find a wanting for a Lamborghini or Ferrari or anything, this vehicle will always take pride of place in my garage and the only additions will be a Porsche later on. ;) One of my best mates imports cars from Japan constantly and through him this has finally been achievable. Over the last year I have set a strict set of requirements of what my next car is to be, and only once all the criteria is met would I consider it. At times I have called the search off, and back on, and I told myself that before I go to my second semester at Uni, I want to be driving or at least, owning another MkIV, the exact car I want too. I have lost count of the amount of cars I have looked at to get to this stage. Hundreds. Absolute hundreds. I recently came across a 2002 RZ, in White. With 10,000kms (GENUINE!) for sale. Grade 4A, and Dan (one of my best mates as mentioned above, known as importR) offered it to me. It wasn't the right colour, but the rest of the boxes were ticked. Only thing that wasn't, was the cash for it. Was way above my budget. I had to say no and I felt like an absolute goober for it. To come across a car like that was amazing, but that is the type of cars Dan finds, the best possible. Not long after that... 2000/04 RZ RSP 43,806kms Grade 4B. Best bit, stock as it can be. Exactly what I wanted. A perfect car that can be considered a collectible, in my opinion anyway. Due to Dan's business setup, the car was thoroughly checked over in the owner's presence before it even made it's way to me for consideration. It's ticked all the boxes I had set for criteria. I didn't have much time to decide though. Car was in Nagoya awaiting shipping to Tokyo the following day for Auction the day after. I had to decide within the day otherwise costs would increase and I would risk not getting the car. Needless to say, I made some phone calls and contacted some people and organised what I needed to make it all happen. The deal was struck, owner's hands in Japan were shaken and the car was mine. It stayed in Nagoya and didn't make Auction. Papers were in process for my ownership. Timeline: Dates are in 2011... April 12th - car inspected in person, started, thorough inspection made of mechanical components, history checked over, information sent through to me and then... deal made April 13th - deposit sent, beginning of deregistration process in Japan April 19th - all funds sent and processed April 29th - deregistration process complete, vehicle moved to secure storage awaiting transport confirmation and shipping date May 26th - shipping date from Nagoya to Brisbane confirmed June 2nd - signed form stating I give permission for contractors over in Brisbane to take the car off of the container and put in quarantine June 9th - exportation paperwork from Japan has arrived (all in Japanese) to my door step June 12th - planned arrival date of the vehicle at Brisbane June 13th - arrival confirmed, car is sitting at Brisbane docks with customs awaiting quarantine and clearance June 17th - on the way to compliance June 20th - compliance process started June 28th - compliance completed July 22nd - custom plates ordered July 29th - custom plates rejected July 29th - custom plates re-ordered July 29th - car has been picked up by a private contractor and is officially on its way home! September 7th - finally picked the car up and in our possession Pictures: Auction Photos: Photos of the car: Photos from compliance: Photos before pickup in Brisbane: Photos during pickup in Brisbane: Photos once in our ownership! Auction Sheet: Import/Export Papers: Parts fitted: CF Dash Conversion (80% fitted, need a replacement shifter panel due to mis-alignment...) TRD Strut Brace CF Bonnet Struts HKS SuperDragger Exhaust Weathershields (New!!) Three Lad's Performance CF License Plate Garnishes & Backing Plate Cusco Zero 2e Coilovers - 18/11 loading CF Exhaust Shroud ARC Super Induction Box TRD Speedo, Tacho and Temp/Boost Gauge To be fitted: 18" Tanabe SSR SP-1s (in Gold) - won't clear the larger Supra 4 piston front calipers, so these are for sale! Spinto CF Headlight Inserts Spinto Glass Lenses Replica TRD Wing with CF Centreblade Shine Auto Rear Diffuser in Carbon Fibre Set of RAYS lock nuts in Gunmetal Near future part plans: Titan Sway Bars TRD Thermostat, Radiator and Oil Caps, and Valve Stem Caps. GPS Tracking, Sat Nav & Motion Sensors Later on down the track: FMIC and all the works - plan is to learn the car first and enjoy it Cheers for reading the essay... Paul
  7. shifted

    2jz engine worth?

    $500-$800 complete with loom and ECU seeing 1JZ goes for $1k.
  8. shifted

    New Supra

    at $60k it cannot be a GT-R competitor meaning it won't be true to heritage. AWD platform and that price range, sounds more like a Celica GT-4. Though I doubt the engine will be 3.5L. If a new Supra comes out, it will challenge the likes of the GT-R and Porsche GT2 etc. Meaning a price point of $150,000+. Rumours will come and go but until something comes directly from Toyota or a concept is produced - don't believe it. Lots of articles come out on April Fools with "new info" and people genuinely get fooled...
  9. How worn is it? Or is it just dirty in the picture? Can you take some photos closer to any damaged/worn areas?
  10. That is cheap chips!! I just bought a 1996 for $6k. Have you had it inspected thoroughly?
  11. Hey ladies and gents, Just saying hello. I am in Perth, WA. Have owned a couple Toyota's over the years... 1988 Toyota Celica 2002 Rav4 Cruiser 3-Door 1995 Toyota Supra RZ 1996 Toyota Hilux 4x4 Dual Cab (current) 200X Toyota Supra RZ (searching for.... kinda my little unicorn)... Probably not as many as many other people have had, but looking forward to learning some more about the Hilux side as that is my daily and 4by4'r, and being a new addition, I have a fair bit to learn/find parts for. :P haha All the best, Paul