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  1. Had some spare time the other day so I sent an email to, here is the reply: "Hi Edward, Our experience with the Toyotas in Australia, even right up to 2005 regardless whether pin 5 is populated or not, during all of our testing with our ELM327 we have never been able to get it to work. The last car we ran it on was a Corolla ZZE122 2005 and pin 5 was there but still no comms so we just gave up. We believe it's more than a wiring issue, Toyota just weren't interested on OBDII in Australia, at least not until mandatory from 2006. Let me know if we can help you with any data such as codes for your Gen7 or how to extract them. Cheers for now Glenn" So it seems the for the pre-2006 Gen7's made in Australia that we're just going to have to get a custom ECU if we want real-time data for stuff like data-logging and whatnot.
  2. Thanks for the info Dave, I will have a good look and post my results when I get time :)
  3. No-one has any ideas? I assume I should be able to run a signal ground cable from the ECU up to the OBD2 port.
  4. I have a ZZT231R series 1999 Gen7 Celica which has a standard OBD2 port fitting. Can anyone confirm whether it fully complies with OBD2 or whether Toyota is just using their own protocol from the ECU (stock)? After looking around the net I can confirm the US GT-S version is fully compatible but can not find much info about the AUS release. I have a cheap eBay OBD2 Elm327 Bluetooth scantool which seems to work fine (detects the comm protocol and connects successfully to the ECU) after testing on my housemates Yaris. Got actual realtime data and not fake "demo" data so I'm 99% sure it's just a re-badge from a legit manufacturer. Software I'm using is Torque for Android phones. Couple details I noticed about the OBD2 port on the car is that it contains the following pin-out: 4 - Chassis ground 6 - CAN high (ISO 15765-4 and SAE-J2284) 7 - K line of ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4 9 - (No info) 13 - (No info) 14 - CAN low (ISO 15765-4 and SAE-J2284) 16 - Battery voltage According to this could potentially mean it supports CAN, ISO or KWP protocols. The problem with all these protocols is that the OBD2 pin-out does not have a pin 5 (Signal ground) which ALL protocols require. For reference, the Yaris has this pin-out configuration: 4 - Chassis ground 5 - Signal ground (Not on the Celica) 6 - CAN high (ISO 15765-4 and SAE-J2284) 7 - K line of ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4 9 - (No info) 12 - (No info) (Not on the Celica) 13 - (No info) 14 - CAN low (ISO 15765-4 and SAE-J2284) 16 - Battery voltage This leaves a couple questions, can the "Signal Ground" pin be added manually and if so, attached to where? I apologize for such a long post but there is absolutely no helpful info I have found for the Australian Celica so I might as well fully lay out the info I have.
  5. Was reading through all this the other day, just FYI the Repair Manuals in this link are of a bit better visual quality than the ones at PDFTown. Thanks for sharing the link :)