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  1. Hi RollaChick, thanks for your great interest. Since your car is Toyota Corolla 2012, and if your car does not has JBL system, we will recommend you to choose GM5169 Car DVD: http://www.eonon.com/Car-GPS/Specific-Car-GPS/Toyota/GM5169.html And we don't have Android for toyota corolla at present. Great news to tell you that if you were born in Jun, then you can enjoy extra 5% discount, please know more details here: http://www.eonon.com/birthday_2015.aspx Btw, you can choose our A0119 camera to buy, it is on Summer Sale too, only 45AUD: http://www.eonon.com/Others/Camera/A0119.html If you have any question about it, please feel free to ask, thanks.
  2. Hi Brand, thanks again for your sharing! It’s a work of art! Your awesome pics is one of the best I’ve even seen! So detailed and useful! Many thanks for sharing with us!
  3. Hi Brand We haven't heard from you yet, still working on that review? I just want to know how the unit holds up after a few months, I know you've only had it for a 2 weeks. How has it been? Cheers The Enonon unit has been great. Not sure when i'll get a chance take pics and if i do they wont be as nice as like Full-Throttle's. but ask any questions and i'll answer Packaging and shipping. delivered within 5 days of placing order (including weekend) Delivery was via Toll and needed signing. Big box, lots of padding and everything was in it. Camera cam separate via HK/CN post about 2 days later. Installation: Everything held in place by clips (that dont break when you pull them) 4 bolts hold the radio and AC controls, 6 screws hold the radio and AC controls together. I would leave half a day to do the install your self if you have never opened the dash. I can not probably do it in 1hr easy. Camera install was a lot more work. i didnt want to drill new hols for the camera so "expanded" an existing hole so i can slide the cable through (sprayed rust prevention around expanded hole too). two holes were made in the plastic trim above rear licence plate to hold camera. running wires was easy just follow the trim. GPS antenne was glued with double sided take next to rear view mirror Unit boot up from cold start was 30 seconds. during this time if you put the gear into reverse the rear camera will come on instantly (ie you dont have to wait for the unit to boot to use rear camera) big plus to me (probably standard on all units) GPS was very fast im using Sygric but going to try iGO Audio is great, no difference to the stock (i was happy with stock) you have equliser and fade/balance controls) steering controls work fine and can be mapped differently if you want. the radio app is very fast before i remove my finger from screen the next station is playing. reception is great as well auto detect finds stations i had no idea about. The is a "AMS" button that will retune the stations, dont use it. and i dont know how to disable it. basically it wil mess up your predefined stations. BT was easy to setup and works within about 10 seconds after boot. using the built in mic i was told i sound a bit echoy but clear. radio cuts when you receive a call. DVD works fine, i only used it to test though. Wifi is very weak but i think that may be more to do with the shielding the car has as my phone got a better connection but not by much.maybe have to park with rear facing house and doors open? dunno. Touch screen is very accurate and swiping is fast an no lag. Full access to Google play installed google voice and trying to get it to work with apps instead of using the on screen keyboard. it works via data but want to save offline voice files. may need to root it. theres a huge disscussion on XDA foums regarding this and similar units (1300 pages last time i checked) you can customerise the startup logo, but there is no LED customisation just white which dims when the headlights turn on. Rear camera is very detailed, has no IR leds but looks great at night. has parking lines as well but the measurements are fixed so are not accurate. (1m on mine is actually 0.5m) this is probably due tot he angle i installed my camera. There are no reversing "beeps" to warn you if you are too close. Anything i missed just ask. Being winter i only see the car when its dark during weekdays, will try to get some pics on the weekend. Wow Brand, thanks a lot for your great and detailed reviews! Good job! We are so pleased to hear that you GA5164 works great! And you have helped other guys know Eonon GA5164 Android Car DVD better. Thanks a lot!
  4. [Eonon Unique Sale for Instagrammers only!] Hi guys, great news to tell you that you can enjoy the Group buy price of GA5164 Android Car DVD now. You don't need to wait until 10 people collected! You don't need to wait for it anymore. If you follow our Instagram: eononofficial & like the below post on Instagram & share that link with your friends, then you can also enjoy the GB price which is only 439AUD, with 36% OFF! 7 Days ONLY! First come, first service. Just Email marketing@eonon.com and tell us you're from instagram with screenshot, we will tell you how to get this deal. Come on to Email us and share! Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, great news to tell you that you still can use 10USD Coupon: PayPalDeals to buy Eonon Toyota units: Android Car DVD GA5164, D5164Z, and GM5164 etc. Moreover, extra 2 free cool gifts are provided for any orders from registered members! Just know more details here: http://www.eonon.com/Memorial_day.aspx Welcome to know more details and if you have any question, please feel free to contact us. We will try our best to help you. :)
  6. Wow, good news to hear that. Could you please also share with us the nice installations videos & pics? Thanks a lot in advance. And we can't wait for your reviews. Cheers! ^_^
  7. Hi nihonjin, we provide free shipping fee for AU, so the total price is only 439AUD. If you buy it from our site now the price is 479AUD. So now you guys can save 40AUD if you join the GB. Please welcome more friends to join, cheers.
  8. OK, DeviousZR6, i have removed your name from the GB list. Anyway, thank you so much for your support to Eonon. :)
  9. Hi nihonjin & Brand, since we need 10 people collected, can we start the GB with the low price for you. But since you guys have waited for so long, if there are 8 people collected, i will apply to our manager to make an exception. So that we can start the GB once there are 8 people. And Brand, could you please don't be out? Since if you join, there are 6 guys now. Here is the GB price: GA5164 GB Price: 439AUDOriginal Price: 599AUDSave: 36%!Here is the GB list till today. ( If Brand still want to join ) 1, Nihonjin 2, DeviousZR6 3, Hashstrid 4, Puplefish 5, Pramu 6, 7, So guys, please recommend more guys to join, only 2 guys needed, i will try my utmost to ask our manager to make an exception for you guys, so that you don't need to wait for so long. Cheers!
  10. Hey Virg, I'm from Melbourne too, maybe all the people from Melbourne can go to the same person to get a cheaper price Hi VirgilC, just as Hashstrid said, if you guys all go to the same shop for install, i think you will save a lot. Would you like to consider to join?
  11. OK, VirgilC. Since we don't know the professional installer in Melbourne, so we will remove your name from the GB list. Thanks again for your great support to eonon.
  12. Hi guys, great news to tell you that there are 7 guys are collected for GB today: 1, Nihonjin 3, brand 3, DeviousZR6 4, VirgilC 5, Hashstrid 6, Puplefish 7, Pramu 8, 9, 10, ................. Only 3 guys needed, then the GB can be started ASAP. And i will let you guys know the GB price soon. Cheers.
  13. Hi Hashstrid, thanks for your join in the GB, i have added you to the GB list. About the offline maps, you can download a map online on the unit directly first, then you can install it and use it easily without network. And you can choose one of these cameras: http://www.eonon.com/Car-DVD-others/Camera.html Thanks for your kind attention and please recommend more firiends to join the GB, so that we can start the GB ASAP. Cheers!
  14. Hi Hashstrid, first, thanks a lot for your great interest. Yes, GA5164 is the latest model, D5164Z also the new model, but it is Wince system. Second, i would like to tell you that GA5164 supports a rear camera, but you need to buy to buy a rear camera for it together. Third, you can run your GPS Navigation on Eonon GA5164 by choosing one of the below 4 ways: 1. Offline Maps -You can download a map online, install it, and use iteasily even without network. 2. Access Free Online Maps via WiFi or 3G net work, such as Google Map. 3. Buy an Android version map with a SD card, such as Garman, TomTom, iGo, or MapKing, insert it into GPS SD slot of the Android unit, set the navigation path and then run GPS as general GPS models do. 4. Use Screen Mirroring function, you can Sync the Map of your Phone to show on Android Car Stereo for larger display directly. So do you want to join the group buy? Thanks.
  15. OK, Aurion2fly, i have removed you from the GB list. Thanks a lot for your great support again. Hi nvrau, since the unit you are interested was GB5502 which we don't sell anymore. So i have not counted it to GA5164's GB. Please do not worry. :)