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  1. I have a pair of used, old front bumper bar fog lamps up for grabs. This fog lamps are off a 36 series Camry Sportivo. Pick up from Granville, Sydney.
  2. Nice, Taiwanese too! HAhaha!! represent!
  3. Headlights are series 2 genuine headlights. All I did was install a projector kit. Yeaaa, been spotted. I must be blind, didn't see you...
  4. Call a locksmith, they will be able to enter your car and also make a new key for you.
  5. Never tried the P7s, but the I prefer Yokohama C Drives. The Michelins I used was really quiet too.
  6. Hehehe... :D :D :D Having problems with water vapor in my headlamp. Resealed it, but seems to be not working... bummer...
  7. Chassis were untouched, generally bonnet, rad support damages. Parts including paint were hook up by courtesy of & Terry Shields Toyota. Can't seem to link an image on my tab...
  8. I know I know. Been told by family already. On happier note. Car is fixed. Hehehe... Btw, I like what guys did with your lights.
  9. In terms of insurance, you generally get what you pay for. Always read your product disclosure statement. Insurance premium have been increasing and will continue. Cost of repair seem to decreasing, due to both competition and insurer squeezing. Insurers are opening their own workshop, some the size of airplane hangars, do you think they will produce quality repairs when they do spot repairs? Insurance companies are too smart to let you win. My opinion.
  10. Insurance inflates premium for many reason in which people like you will not see... being in industry, i do see a lot of dirt.
  11. Thanks for your opinions. Don't think I twisted anything. Video is black and white. Bad judgement played a role, but I personally think he contributed.
  12. Flow of traffic was interrupted by him. Yes, it could be avoid. Accidents are unintentional.
  13. I'll see what happens tomorrow. Traffic Sarg will be contacting me. Hard to come to a complete stop at that speed.