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  1. Hi, i have a ZR6 with dual aircon function.. recently my driver side is not working on heat mode.. when put in dual or both mode to Heat in HI mode only the passenger side works, the driver side is always cold.. anyone have anyideas whats happening? ive checked the fuse of A/C 1 = 7.5A and A/C2 = 10A both OK...
  2. Hi I've got a set of stock ZR6 springs but I'm in Brisbane. I can get sent to you if you want to make an offer. Cheers Michael sorry late reply.. ive got aftermarkets already cheers
  3. thnx.. by reading this forum, i can see u know where everyhting is on this car :) hehe ill take a look tomorrow morning..
  4. hi, can anyone show me where the original stock parking sensor computer is? i want to remove the front sensor its brocken and wheneva i stop at a red light its beeps saying CHECK SONAR..my back sensor still working.. its realy annoying and i dont wana waste $289 to replace each sensor from toyota.. i want to disable front sensor only leaving the back normal. i tried unplugging the front sensor it dont work.. still beeps and says check sonar.. or is there a aftermarket replacement that i can just plug in the original connecter which is cheap? anther stupid question can i use a ebay sensor and wire it to the original connector, would that work? thnx..
  5. Hi, im looking for a set of Aurion stock springs... thnx