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  1. HoldenBoi

    Speedo issue

    https://www.jaycar.com.au/corrector-speedo-module/p/AA0376 Thanks for chiming in but, I didn't mention, my car is a JDM model with an electronic speedo... as opposed to the Aus model with the old school drive cable... After much running (well, calling) around, I did find out which is the speedo wire but, it's irrelevant because the corrector module doesn't work on Toyotas...
  2. HoldenBoi

    Speedo issue

    I am now the proud owner of a ST183C, a 1992 factory convertible. However, I have a minor issue, the speedometer is out (under) by around 20kph; I have purchased a corrector module & know how to connect it, I just can't seem to find where to connect it, as in, which wire on the instrument cluster connector? I have searched google with no results; I also downloaded a service manual but, it's for American/Canadian models so, the wiring is different. Any help will be greatly appreciated...
  3. HoldenBoi

    1992 Celica SX

    I agree; I only recently purchased a '92 for this very reason; give it a few years & the value will go up...
  4. HoldenBoi

    Gen 1 Avalon Boot Release

    I've had the entire glove box out & I didn't notice anything... Previous to this car, I had another which was almost identical & never had a problem with the boot release; I could be wrong but, I'm convinced it's a wiring issue...
  5. HoldenBoi

    Gen 1 Avalon Boot Release

    Yes, it only opens with the key
  6. HoldenBoi

    Gen 1 Avalon Boot Release

    Yep, everything works except the boot release & glovebox light; central locking on both the keyfob & drivers door switch are fine... I was a bit concerned with the shifter light because I replaced the stock globe with an LED which blew (huh?); when I refitted the stock globe, it still worked...
  7. HoldenBoi

    Gen 1 Avalon Boot Release

    I recently bought a 2000 model Avalon but the electric boot release is not working. The solenoid is working fine as I switched it with a known good unit, the problem is in the wiring. using the button on the keyfob gains the same result; the system registers & the horn chirps but, the boot refuses to open... All attempts to google the issue have failed. I've checked all fuses, which seem to be ok. While inspecting the glovebox release switch I also noticed there is no power to the glovebox light; are the two connected? What fuse should I be looking for? Some suggestions say "dome light fuse" which is ok & all the interior lights work... I could really use some help with this one; a link to a wiring diagram would be extremely helpful...
  8. HoldenBoi

    95 Camry Vienta timing belt

    Most mechanics recommend replacing the water pump when you do the timing belt: better to do it all at once than have to do it all again when your w/p packs it in
  9. HoldenBoi

    The STUPID thread

    For a Rolla Stivo? HAHA - Dude, I'm not planning on doing this to ANY car! I wouldn't even know what I'm looking at... I'm just asking in theory - is it possible, what would it involve, what sort of performance would you see etc etc... Are there even any cars that use such a setup? ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME & MONEY! I once saw a big block chev with twin blower setup; no idea how it performed though...
  10. HoldenBoi

    radio mounting brackets

    Your best bet is to pull one out of a wreck; not mucking around & you know it'll fit perfectly. I did this in my '96 Camry, went from double din unit to single din & a pocket, it looks factory & only cost me $10 http://au.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?app=garage&do=view_image&id=4431
  11. HoldenBoi

    Sydney,new monthly meet location?

    The thing about this Maccas is it doesn't get a lot of pedestrian traffic, &, for Bankstown, it's pretty good. I'm all for it
  12. Does anyone know of anywhere who does wheel repairs (remove buckle from beads) around the Bankstown NSW area? I know of one place in Milperra but they want $150 per wheel (repair & repaint) &, as I only paid $100 for the set of wheels, not sure it's worth that much to get them fixed. Any input would be helpful Update: I can now get the paint & respray them myself, so now all I need is repairs
  13. HoldenBoi

    3VZ-FE Spark Plug Change

    As they say, "hindsight is 20 20", hence the need for a new mechanic. If you read back though, I was thinking injector on Sunday; should've gone with my gut & left the mechanic out of it
  14. HoldenBoi

    Your favorite mod....

    My home made, custom built Fusion sub box. I've built sub boxes before but never this good looking. I only did it to prove I could :)
  15. HoldenBoi

    Your favorite mod....

    My home made, custom built Fusion sub box. I've built sub boxes before but never this good looking. I only did it to prove I could :)