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  1. Mr. Benji

    My Aurion

    2007 Aurion Sportivo ZR6
  2. One day to delivery...

  3. QUESTION: What are the names of everyone's rides!???
  4. Hey siddr20, Going to grab a 2nd hand 2008 Sportivo SX6 :)
  5. Hi Y'all, My GF's Yaris is experiencing some chronic rattling from the screen in front of the speedo... Anyone else had this issue? Anyone else fixed this issue? Thanks in Advance.
  6. THANKS GUYS! Also - I it that there is debate on my 1st post, keep it up! I also can't believe that I have 12 replies <24 hours, this forum is great. I'll definitely consider these points when its test drive time. Cheers.
  7. Mr. Benji

    My Aurion

  8. OK.... Well I currently don't have one - the closest thing is my GF's 2007 YR Yaris... Definitely still in the 'conception' phase - but stay tuned [3-4 months away]! I'll showcase my car here, announce her name and show off the 'presents' I buy her.
  9. Hi All, First of all - I have ready many posts so THANKS for all the information I have already learned off this forum. After fantasising for about four years I am ALMOST THERE - I'm buying a 2nd hand Aurion SX6 in a few months, year 2007/2008. My questions are Any issues to consider at certain stages of kilometres [e.g. does anything need replacing after a certain amount of wear]What should I look out for when I inspect a potential car? [interior issues, exterior issues, electronics issues, wear and tear issues] Based on what I have read thusfar the car is pretty much solid, but I just wanted to ask the experts [you guys!] Also I am from Brisbane - hopefully there are a couple cruises still going on so I can check out everyone's mods!