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  1. Hi all, My 2011 2WD Kluger GSU40R will be reaching 40,000kms soon, and keen to give it a good service. Could I please get some advice on the following: Which fluid is recommended for the following: Automatic Transmission Brake Radiator Transfer case or Diff? (As it is a 2WD, I am assuming that there is no rear diff? Is there any fluid change in this space?) Power steering - Can't seem to find anything on this. Any thoughts? If the Toyota fluid is the best option for the above, then that's what I will go for. I tend to use Castrol for my engine oil service. Is there any other preventative maintenance anyone else would recommend for the 2WD Kluger? Thanks in advance.
  2. On my GSU40R 2011 Kluger (2WD), I've managed to get rid of the steering 'klunk' by injecting some WD40 Wet PTFE into the steering base as per one of the youtube videos. That seems to have fixed the 'klunk', however the steering feels quite tight now. I've since reinjected some white lithium grease, but it is still tight. Does anyone have any advice on what else I can do? Hopefully the steering turn tightness hasn't messed anything up :( Has anyone else experienced this?
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    New Kluger section

    Good stuff, awesome to have a separate section for the Kluger model ;)
  4. moomoocow

    Rear end thud?

    Do you happen to have a towbar? Sometimes it could be the towbar insert rattling around?
  5. Hi all, I've got a Kluger MY11 KX-R which has done approximately 3000kms. Recently, I've experience a few weird issues with the car. On initial acceleration, there is a distinct shudder/rumble. It never used to do this, noticed it only recently. When driving at lower speed, the ride is quite bumpy & rough, as it as though as I am driving on a gravel road. I checked the tyre pressure, and they are all fine (sitting at around 36psi) and I even got the tyre balance checked out! Seems to be all okay. It somehow feels like the car has lost some power, hmm. 3When I am turning to the right, I can hear a faint a series of click click click. Anyone else experienced this on their newish Kluger? It is bizarre.
  6. Can't seem to see any drainholes are the bottom of the door, can someone tell me where they are (if they exist)?
  7. Nope, no moon or sunroof. I don't have roofracks either. Is it possible that the water could 'leak' into the roofrack slots or even into the side windows into the doors?
  8. Got my new Kluger recently, and have realised that when I take the SUV out during rain, there is a water dripping/trickling sound coming from the left hand side of the car (passenger side). I checked the doors and the seals, there doesn't seem to be any water going beyond the seals. The floormats etc are dry. Any ideas if this is normal? The sound is quite apparent.
  9. What is the best price anyone got for a KX-R 2WD 7Seater recently in WA? Are prices more expensive in WA compared to the eastern states?