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  1. Wikipedia says: The Midas touch, or the gift of profiting from whatever one undertakes, is named for a legendary king of Phrygia. Midas was granted the power to transmute whatever he touched into gold. | Looks like they made an easy $500 from you.
  2. need more power please

    I agree with many others. Purchase a late model Lexus with a 3.5 motor or a new Camry V6.
  3. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    That, unfortunately is also my situation. No matter how good the latest Camry V6, the depreciation on this vehicle (as on every other new vehicle in the marketplace) is unaffordable for a guy on a fixed income. So perhaps in due time I will upgrade from a 2008 model 40 series Aurion to a 50 series.
  4. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    The Fairfax motoring writer must be diplomatic in the wording, or vehicle manufacturers will not supply any more vehicles for testing. From my reading of the Toyota literature, the SX has stiffer suspension than the SL and also 19 inch wheels on the SX versus 18's on the SL. Perhaps the SX may not exhibit the 'floating' characteristic.
  5. Latest News 2018 Camry New V6

    Man the prices for SX and SL is shocking for a V6 in W.A. What are your prices in other states for this? I think i will keep the Aurion until they bloody drop the price down a bit. If there is a Touring version (like mine) then I would be happy to replace my Aurion Touring for A Camry Touring but I dont think i will buy another Toyota car. The Aurion will be my last one and I will be sad at the sale or trade in. Now that the Aurion nameplate has passed into history, what are the options for the future? There is the Camry V6, which I guess is a re-vamp of the Aurion. Engine power goes up from 200Kw to 224Kw. However the specs. say that premium 95 unleaded fuel is required. Will the Camry V6 run OK on E10 which is theoretically 94 or 95 RON? An improved auto. gearbox is standard with two extra speeds. Lots of bells and whistles for electronic operation, phones and computers etc. The Aussie ones are made in Japan. However 19 inch wheels on the SX, which may look classy and offer better cornering but harsher ride and more expensive tyres. Can smaller wheels (16 or 17 inch) be fitted for those who prefer comfort? Or does one pay more to purchase the SL with the 18 inch wheels? The Camry V6 has perhaps a classier body shape (beauty is in the eye of the beholder). The SX on the road is around $41K whilst the LX is around $48K. What do others think? I tend to agree with Deafdave.
  6. According to the Toyota media statement of 2011, your model has $3000 of extras over and above a Prodigy of the same age. http://www.bathursttoyota.com.au/news/toyota-launches-aurion-white-limited-edition/ In original trim it had 17 inch wheels. However from your pic, the wheels on the vehicle pictured may be larger. Why not check the markings on the tyres and let us know?
  7. Daniel, you specifically mention the wheels. What is the diameter of the wheels and rim width (if known). a close up pic. of the wheels would help. Also, There are outfits who recondition and clean up alloy wheels with gutter rash and suchlike. Maybe this is a cheaper option than new wheels.
  8. Daniel, What is the model of the car? Is it a 40 series (2007-2011) or a 50 series 2012-2017)? what is the type AT-X, Sportivo, Prodigy, Touring, or Presara?Do you want to enhance looks and appearance, or mechanical mods?
  9. NEVER ! Replace a TIRE AGAIN !!!

    If this stuff is as good as the promos allege, will it be any good as a preservative to prevent the 'sticky dash' syndrome?
  10. Great car

    I also have an Aurion -2008 touring model with 200K on the odo. It also has a steel wheel spare.
  11. Anusha, Your comments have been noted. I regularly have this phenomenon showing up on my 2008 model, particularly when manoeuvring a trailer in my back yard on rough and/or slippery grassy ground. The dash lights up like a Christmas tree. I basically ignore it now, as everything is functioning OK, and all the warning lights go out after a few trips on sealed roads. My guess is that it may be caused by general wear in the braking system, issues with the sensitivity of sensors and maybe other factors. (My Aurion has done 200K) With my late model Magna (which I previously owned) there was a dash switch to turn the ABS off which was very convenient. If it continues to bug me too much I may move to a rear wheel drive car, which possibly could address these issues.
  12. Wheel arch paint chips

    I purchase touch up kits through Ebay. Many different options available. However you should quote the paint code of your vehicle as shown on the compliance plate.
  13. Wheel arch paint chips

    Looks to me like it is from a shopping trolley
  14. Anyone else had this situation with these warning lights? On two recent occasions, when reversing a box trailer uphill on a wet grassy surface, the car seems to labour. The engine is trying to turn the wheels backwards, whilst the traction control is trying to prevent the wheels turning, as there is apparently some wheel spin on the grass. The movement is eventually completed, but immediately afterwards the VSC and engine lights come on, and remain on for several small journeys. Everything on the car works OK, and the lights eventually go out. Is this a common occurrence? It shakes one's confidence though.
  15. Looking at getting Aurion help ?

    Mark, I see lots of eligible Queensland Aurions On Gumtree and Carsales. Many are white or silver as you have already noted. However there are even some Prodigy's at reasonable prices which may be worth a look. I have nearly turned over 190K on the odo. on my 2008 Touring model with no troubles at all. No sticky dash either. However I religiously have it serviced by a reputable mechanic every 10,000 km. He informs me of potential issues before they occur, and I have had all of the common faults fixed or parts modified. I trust you can locate a good vehicle that will suit your requirements.