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  1. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Hey guys, my mechanic has finally got around to installing my sway...but has told me it doesn't fit. The only code I can find on the sway bar is 48811-ze500
  2. There's a 2011 Levin on Carsales in Brisbane (Warner) 28,000km, black for $17,900??
  3. Would you be keen in an aftermarket one?? There's cheap ones on Ebay??
  4. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Few pics of my twin sisters Toyota Camry, 2001. The car was originally my Aunty's and is in excellent condition. She loves it. We spent most of yesterday giving the car a well deserved polish.
  5. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    I thought $300 would be a steal? Toyota (Sci-fleet) have quoted me $1220 Brisbane, and Castle Hill inc freight to Brisbane $840... I've been looking weekly for side skirt through wreckers...no one crashes levins..... Running out of ideas on what to do next...have this money devil that sits on my shoulder encouraging me spend, spend, SPEND!....and then the angel lands on the opposite shoulder telling to be responsible and that I should saving for my dream house -.- SIGH
  6. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Plus freight, if anyone else is interested - Parts Central, Greenacre NSW 02 97081119 (side skirts Dark Grey) Hopefully a white set will turn up - fingers crossed
  7. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Hi Guys, Managed to find a set of side skirts from a 2007 Levin. First question - will they be a perfect fit for my 2011 hatch, and does anyone roughly know what I could expect to pay for a re-spray? P.s The wreckers have quoted $300 for the set. Need to freight out of NSW
  8. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Hmm finally took a picture of the intake? And a few shots of her clean and shiny sitting in the warehouse at work....its rather distracting walking past her every time I need to pick an order. Must be love.... =) Haven't done anything about an exhaust yet....my cars auto. I'm worried it will sound awful...
  9. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Super happy with the new head unit.
  10. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Small update, brought a Pioneer AVH-X3600DAB - should hopefully have that installed in the next fortnight. If anyone's interested in the genuine Toyota one please let me know =) Also, have a Takeda short ram intake getting installed this week. Going to start looking into the exhaust asap.
  11. Anastasia - have you tried local wreckers for the genuine Toyota spoiler (I know there rather boring) - I'm constantly roaming ebay and gumtree looking for parts. I see heaps of spoilers. Chasing side skirts too...but I'd settle for the standard Toyota ones =) Plus I can't afford or allow myself buy anything else.
  12. Sorry to just jump into the conversation, but if Anastasia doesn't take you up on the offer - I'd like to get a price for TRD spoiler. I have an ascent sport =)
  13. EMZ51

    ZRE corolla

    Would anyone be able to tell me where I can get similar number plate surrounds/protectors like you see on prestige plates?
  14. Hi guys, noticed these on ebay today