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  1. I think someone needs to change the title to yearly meet haha So are we on?
  2. I'm keen if there are a few others that are keen as well. Unfortunately don't have my toyoda anymore though :)
  3. Nice one Alan, hopefully no one got injured? My camry has gone over to my dad/sister and got myself a subbie -- Plan sounds good, hopefully John can make the amendments on the page and hopefully people will show
  4. Maybe end of this month - considering John is back
  5. Not many people are active on the forums anymore I believe, I switched my car out and joined Alan in the Subaru Club Maybe we can get together this month or next month?
  6. Looks like we got caught: and thanks David for the photos they're awesome!
  7. Haha yeah I was and there were plenty of photos thanks to crypt :)
  8. Certainly was a great cruise! Hope again soon, nice to see everyone again :)!
  9. I`ll be coming as well meeting at greenacre, anyone got UHFs?
  10. I think this is what you're looking for;