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  1. levin ZR headlight out

    Any one please.
  2. levin ZR headlight out

    Hi All, I have a Corolla Levin SX 2013 and would like to change the factory globes to whites ones. I did a search and was advised H11, however these globes dont fit this car.Could you please suggest/advise which globes to get and from where. The existing glob is for high beam as well, so could you please advise. Thanks VJJP.
  3. Any suggestions please, any one?
  4. Hi All I want to change the head lights to white for the above car, the car has HIR2 bulbs fitten as per the manual, could you pleae advise where I can get or the equallent bulb that I can replace. Youre response is much appriciated. Regards VJJP.
  5. LED daytime running lights - ZRE182

    Hi All I have a Levan 2013 and there are no DRL's, on my car, could you please advise. Thanks VJJP.
  6. Radio reception

    Mrsquiggle - thanks for your responce, will do so when I take it in for the next service. Regareds, VJJP.
  7. Hi I am new to this forums. I own a 2010 Aurion Prodigy, the antenna is in the rear glass and now and then the reception is bad or distorted, is there any way to improve the reception, your response is much appreciated. Kind Regards VJJP.
  8. Hi Super Dave Thank you very much for your responce. I will look into it this evening. Regards VJJP.
  9. Hi All I am new to this forums and you help is much appreciated. I have a 2003 Corolla Ascent,the fuel gage was showing empty and so went into fill up the tank, the pump stopped filling after $15 and I tried again and stopped again. I payed up and started the car and the fuel gage moved to half. I have a feeling there may be a faulty fuel gage or a faulty fuel pump that is not moving the needle the all the way to full. Where is the fuel pump located on the tank ? and how to remove the fuel gage? Regards VJJP