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  1. Roll call? I haven't had that done since the 6th grade! Will you be taking lunch orders too :P haha. Nice work Mish, looks like it should be a fantastic cruise. I will try my bestest to attend if not atleast rock up and say gday
  2. +1..... Nasho? Where did you park last time at the bridge? You won't be able to get a big group of cars near the bridge itself. tats tats tats .... wen will u ever learn ...... mate we will close a lane if we need to !!!!! ...... we are getting a group car and owner shot with a toyota jump bcuz we simply can :lol: :lol: Ahhh Bill you crazy *****..... I'm in enough strife with the local constabulary as it is Local constabulary?? last I checked homes you had the poh-poh chasing your @ss interstate yo
  3. The man speaks the truth :D Sup tatsy Gonna see you this sunday matey? B)
  4. You are a ****** man. Do have nothing better to do with your time then come on here and dribble ****. When you can string a full sentence together and have a car bigger than the size of your 1" ***** come back and talk to us then!!! Anyway now that Turd has gone for a short amount of time back on Topic. Jin have you decided whether your leaving the grill open or modding it further with badges and what not to fill up the some of the space. Well..I think I just leave it as is for now. I will be putting a badge on it when I get bored of the looking and I coudln't find any decent badge yet. Wow I pop in here to see what's the latest on the aurion front and finder better entertainment than a TV show Nice one, grill looks very nice. painted would blend in a little more, but hey, either look is good really.
  5. Just don't bake them for too long.... <_<
  6. sharmz


    Agree with Zoran, It sounds like the roof is fine in terms of the mechanics/movement, perhaps its just the electronics/switch which is the issue here. Get them to have a look at it anyways and diagnose the issue, or get any decent auto-elec. to take a look at it. I mean worse case scenario, if its ****** you off and it keeps closing/opening, then just get the switch disconnected in the interim till you can sort out whatever is needed to fix it. In terms of 2K. Sunroofs are expensive. If they have to replace the whole roof/mechnism/etc + labour involved, it's not cheap. Do shop around though. Just to clarify are you saying: It opens itself and then closes itself automatically? OR It is opened (by you) and then it closes automatically? How often does it happen??
  7. We'll I'll look forward to seeing the car when it's on the road I guess. Guys, not to step on anyone's toes here, but on the off chance this kid does actually have a DAD who works for toyota and is just trying to contribute what information he has, perhaps we should cut him some slack. There is no point everyone jumping on his case, though I agree, he has made some pretty crazy claims.
  8. was driving to work, and happened to have a sportivo rolla come screaming up my rear end ended up having a chat at the lights, it was "pete?" off the boards here, thought Id mention it, awesome sportivo he had, sounded really nice when he was winding it up B)
  9. sharmz

    body kit

    can u get the c-one bonnet for 2000+ celica as a seperate item?
  10. sharmz

    Celica Newbie

    hey ash welcome to the aus forum.
  11. ahh nothing much mate, jsut the usual uni and work. Yeah its been a while. Cant wait till we organise another rolla/celica 2ZZ gathering, be good to see your beast in a pack again :P Hows things with everyone?
  12. Hey! How is everyone? Its been a while, just thought id drop in and say hello for those who remember me from waaay back. The corolla section was always strong, good to see the numbers are still growing Hopefully still might get to catch some of you all at one of the next local meets. Sharmz.
  13. i thought everyone usually comes with two standard?