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  1. Item: ZRE152 Facelift C-One Wingtips Location: Melbourne, Victoria Item Condition: Used, may need to be polished if keeping the colour, but will need to be resprayed to your required paint colour accordingly if your car is a different colour Reason for Selling: Sold my car, no longer need them Price and Payment conditions: $100 (negotiable) Additional information: Was purchased from Jay (JSKILLS) when he wrote off his Corolla -he parted them out and I bought them originally for $200 but never installed them. Letting them go as I do not need them as I sold my car last year. Also, screws are included but it is highly recommended to either install them with screws AND double sided automotive 3M tape OR have them moulded by a professional panel beater into your existing rear spoiler. Shipping: Willing to ship at buyers expense Pictures: This is how they looked installed on Jay's car when he had them. Contact Details: 0450654345
  2. Chest and back DOMS tomorrow for sure.

  3. True love is... Willing to go pick up your wife from work after a gruelling 2 hour leg session.

  4. omfg how did i miss this???

  5. Waking into Zambrero and I be like, bitch, I know black rice and guac cost extra..

  6. Finally got my strength back. 42kg dumbbell chest press. #notevenbulkingatmbruh

  7. Very decent quality for an early DVDSCR release - watchable for now until a bluray rip is released.

  8. The moment you about to hit back & bis at the gym, but your preworkout kicks in really hard and you gotta take a ****.

  9. You know you're a fatty when you finish a double patty Mighty Melbourne from Grill'd in less than 4 minutes.

  10. First day at work and them feels of trying to put on work pants. #thestruggleisreal #squatterproblems

  11. Ringing in the new year with some self inflicted leg DOMS

  12. 710 on servicing and water pump replacement.. now 520 for new tyres and wheel alignment.. GG my wallet