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  1. I can confirm that my auto ZRE182R does the same thing when going down hills. If I tap the brake it will downshift and rev quite high.
  2. Just agreeing that it could have done with an update. Tiptronic would have been nice but I'm really just nitpicking. Paddle shifts is going a bit far haha. Anyway... still loving my Corolla and that's all that matters
  3. The corolla is known to be the motoring equivalent of white goods, so I just accept it and call mine the fridge as it's white haha.
  4. I love my fridge. Sure, it doesn't make me want to drive it as soon as I wake up in the morning but it gets the job done. You have, however pointed out some things that I have noticed about the car - especially the ancient 4 speed auto and the annoying beeping when opening a door with the key in the ignition. But given the price, practicallity, reliability and fuel consumption I didn't have to think twice. Do I love my corolla? Yes.
  5. Finally!
  6. Mine has the same thing. I assume they all have it
  7. corza

    My '08 ZRE

    Love it! Black out the exhaust tip? Black headlight mod?
  8. If it were me I'd peel it all off so you have your chrome badge and start again. As others have said, light coats with shorter times between coats.
  9. That is the single greatest shovel I have ever seen. I want one - NOW!
  10. If I had the spare coin I would just buy the whole thing haha.
  11. Have been informed by the seller that if the car does not sell he might sell parts separately. Also apologies for posting this up again. Totally missed when Huey posted it up. Feel free to delete this thread.
  12. Enjoy guys :)
  13. Looks great ARC, must say the blacked out chrome strip matches perfectly. Love it!
  14. Quick update. Took it to Ultratune in for it's 50,000km service on Monday - all good as expected. And these showed up today: