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  1. I have a Trd front strut for sale in the *Buy & Sell Section*. There are many brands Trd,cusco,c-one and whiteline. Not sure about the cai maybe you can get a custom one made up
  2. Are you guys getting this just for looks or to actually stop the rain? I have it and i can say there pretty much just for looks because thats all they do haha. You need the big ones.
  3. Does anyone know exactly when toyota has there end of year sale? id give them a call but its 11pm now & need to know because im buying a new car soon, Also im selling my sportivo so it will be in the for sale section soon .
  4. I thought forgetting where you park was embarrassing hahahahhaa
  5. How fat was the clown? like Toula?
  6. i have never seen anything like that before, that is bad
  7. i have the ces exhaust and i reckon its loud on highway, But its not annoying. My friends always say am i in sixth gear because of the noise. The noise Is nothing compared to other exhausts
  8. This is the American site, Dont know if there is an Australian one
  9. what about dal sim and honda , if that was there names. This was my childhood game and the new one is coming on ps3. cant wait
  10. Hey guys im out, Ive already made payment CES COLD AIR INTAKE(SPECIFY 1ZZ or 2ZZ) browny 1ZZ (country NSW) CES HEADERS FOR 2ZZ ONLY kolourhero (Melb) Technoman VuT3k (Perth) CES CATBACK EXHAUST SYSTEM(SPECIFY 1ZZ OR 2ZZ) Insyderz - 2ZZ Sinan - 2ZZ Technoman - 2ZZ Levinboy - 1ZZ (Twin tips) Browny 1ZZ (country NSW)
  11. He must be busy,Im still in but I might be pulling out because im going to purchase one on my own. Just waiting on a reply from ces
  12. Its C-One, I think from Japan or Hong Kong & its expensive. Just get the eyelids of Ebay. I bought the Wingtips for around $295 (Not Painted) i think.
  13. I was thinking of putting both headlight & fog light as hid, Once you have your headlight as HID you dont really need to use the foglights Then your going to need to find extra room to support the 2 extra ballasts for the fog lights, am i correct?
  14. Maybe you should just buy it yourself from the website haha, you would of received it by now if you purchased from the 9th
  15. It should of came with a key when you bought it, Then you have a little box under the bonnet which you put the key in