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  1. Sometimes im an absolute idiot, but im glad because it makes others smile, whether in humour or humiliation im still trying to figure that part out. :)

  2. Hey mate, sunroof wont be a rwc issue, just dont point it out and fix it later down the track, as for the rear tail light, easiest place to look is a wrecker and you'd be looking around $30 or so, ozcelica is abundant in parts if you put a WTB thread in the wanted section and such. As for the WRC, do you know much about the model itself and its slight differences from the sx models? :) Also bro, if you sign up at ozceli send me a friends request ^_^ The name on there is Kirius, be more than happy to help you out with any celica related questions you may have. GL !
  3. holy f**king christ that sludge.. screw that... would be horrifying to find. o.0 Hehe on the engine pics.. it looks so familiar yet so... empty ....like your missing something.. xD Nice on doing the work yourself and such :P good to see, sh*t you live in WA though. With a set of decent wheels and trd removal, this 204 has potential :)
  4. ozzytyres.com.au do a set of initial D white rims, they look very nice, would suit a 184 well especially if yours is also white, other options include SSR's, speedy also do rims to fit our cars, or you can check out the catalogs at your local tyre places, all depends if you want functional race rims or cosmetic/chrome wheels. As for simple mods, go a decent CAI, 2 1/3 catback system with a set of 4-2-1 extractors(pacemaker, hurricane, wildcat, etc, made quite a noticable difference in sound, economy, and performance. ..However the 4-1's sound tinny and imo arent much of an improvement. Could a
  5. awww, how very nice of you to share CCCB, and here i thought you were all about camrys but you DO have a soft spot for celicas. :P LOL
  6. HAHAHA i bought it so i can FIX the celica properly and not run around on a deadline because it was my daily. ^_^
  7. LOL! compression is 17:1 the gasket used when the bottom end got rebuilt just wasnt up to the task.. -.- lol (keeps blowing due to the 184's head being shaved beyond its maximum recommended lvl (due to an idiot mech many yrs back).. i went one better though... call me a traitor but i just bought a black 180sx ;P
  8. http://www.facebook....14399191&type=3 Please follow this link and vote for my celica by clicking the like ^_^ Would mean alot to me guys, i just blew the car up yet again before going on course and could use a bit of luck for once!
  9. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150612666324192&set=a.10150611566354192.399765.131414399191&type=3 Please follow this link and vote for me by clicking the like ^_^ would mean alot to me guys, thanks!
    1. JDM-GTFour


      No.. where have you been hiding. :) No cause I dont have FB..

  10. Stupid Americans! TT.TT Why 180's!? Why couldn't they trash some commodores, or skylines even!? This is painful to watch >:'(
  11. You dont mind at all if i use your cars photo with BLANK plates for artsy stuff on the net?
  12. Lol! Just realised i dont have you on fb whats your last name! ^_^ Im a noob at this photography **** too, i tried, im not even using adobe im stuck editing on my ****ty HTC and paint.. i even forgot to blank plates >.< Trent didnt like the pretty colours lol -.- Note to self: ..Monotone.

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