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  1. my mistake you are correct, stainless steel is thinner, lighter and the materials made are stronger than mild steel.
  2. yes stainless steel sounds better than mild... also stainless steel is thicker than mild.. soo if lets say for example you hit something the chances of something piercing through stainless is less also as for mandrel bends, think about a bendy straw vs a non bendy straw... what will happen when you try and bend the tubing in both situations ? how does the air flow when it comes to the bends ? thats going to have some rasps, look for something that has bends inside the muffler Resonators only move the sound to to a different rev range (or change the sound reverb) - volume will be same
  3. 2.25"-2.5" would be more ideal for your setup it will pretty much be replacing most of the piping from the headers. Its probably a flex pipe (bendy pipe between headers and cat) Image below shows an exhaust "system" - (full exhausts systems go from headers all the way to mufflers) (some systems only go from the catalytic converter to the muffler or - cat back systems for short) sorry i think i misunderstood you initially.. the term " straight pipe " refers to literally a pipe going straight from headers(exhaust manifold in above diagram) to the muffler (some may not even have a muffler) .. the cat (catalytic converter) is there for emissions, and the muffler muffles the sound, resonators (not resignators) are also used to reduce drone.
  4. Z423 - we actually share the same filter from the camry 😛 Rotors and Pads i usually get online - been using these guys for years not sure if you guys in NSW have somthing local that stores all of em.. i mean like us in VIC we have Importmonster, OTR etc aww MCAs dont make? haha i didnt really check , wonder what the difference would be? i used to also run BC .. with 4/2 spring rates before i upgraded to FAs a year later with 12/12 spring rates. (Considering there was a $200 difference in price back then i shouldve just gone straight to FA,) FA still more comfortable even with stiffer spring rates, i was told the valvings make all the difference.
  5. seems like its a blown headgasket if the white cloud is thick.. usually its vapor/condensation... could also be piston rings/ valvesteam seals. have you got a mechanic to check yet ?
  6. Pretty much what squalled said ^ but id like to add few things coils d2, ksport, xyz are your ebay spec coils, they basically come from the same factory and just spray it a different colour according to their brandings - avoid these at all costs BC used to be good back in the day.. not anymore ,nowadayz MCAs are the new BCs apparently- have a look at these as well, ive just checked fortune autos price.. and JEASUS !O_O theyve jacked it up quite a bit since i bought them ... servicing parts ryco generally has a thicker ring seal than oem +1 for nulon brakes +1 for HPX, you can also have a look at Remsa pads (slightly cheaper) - avoid bendix general CT pads (fluid pretty much boils after a spirited braking session) rotors you can use Vmax slotted ones .. much cheaper than T2s. Also Dba doesnt really like QFM, theyre pretty harsh on the rotors, soo keep that in mind. QFM A1Rms are the way to goooo ! They work better too once theyve warmed up black housing you can also put it in an oven to take the housings off sway bars +1 one of the best and cheapest "bang for buck" mod for a FWD car
  7. gearbox mount ? wheels balanced ? brake rotors flat/machined?
  8. having some doubts with your exhaust "specialist" mechanic.. because ive never heard of such a thing, but anyway ... if its got a cat, then that's not a straight pipe - if what im reading is right: im gonna assume youve changed to a 3" piping all the way.. and thats your issue there... exhaust piping too big (bigger doesnt mean better in your situation), youve just created backpressure, and youve most likely lost some rpms in the lower end
  9. Are you trying to bleed the radiator ?
  10. Welcome ! Congrats on your new toy ! camry sportivo kits are usually around for your gen. Some aurion things may also be available Have a look at wreckers, also have a look at thailand tings, theyre crazy with mods there. May i suggest a rear sway bar to make the car slightly less boaty Happy modding !
  11. ATF/air filter/Trottlebody cleaner/Oil etc are up to $200+ (iridium plugs are not cheap). You can get these at local auto stores, sometimes sales come on. Oil/Oil Filters and plugs are Usually included in a minor service. For fuel injector cleaner have a look at this: fuel doctors Also whats the condition of your tyres ? And the fuel you are using? 98ron has more mileage than 91ron.
  12. if it was red in there, id replace it with red regardless of coolant flush/replacement
  13. none that i can think of: you have projectors on your ones so yours will aim correctly, where as if you dont have projectors (like my car) and the light output is scattered
  14. No need to rip out headlight unless your hand cant get in there. There is usually a plug that goes into the bulb Check out illumo LED lights. The build quality is now higher than previous LED bulbs
  15. good stuff ! do you also get the chance to do a 1/4 mile time ? or is it all just roll racing ? theres a blue turbo sportivo that goes there too, do you know of him ? or seen him ?