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  1. Hi Ryan; Very nice post, thank you; I have had a unit installed similar to the one that you mentioned, its a 9inch version that i bought in 2012. Do you know how we could do a system upgrade on the actual unit? i also need help with upgrading my navigation software that runs off a micro sd card, where can we find upgrades? Regards
  2. Hi Steve, i bought the Aurion head unit a while back from an ebay store that you recommended



      is it possible to upgrdade the system or the navigation software, it is around 3 years old now...just wondering if you knew the ways to have this done. Regards

  3. Hi there, I'm not sure if it's too late but I would like to be in the gb ad well, will do the whole package with aerial + camera, postage will be to Melbourne. I can get the payment in by the 25th Please advise if im too late,

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