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  1. Hey Mate, Sad to see you losing the Aurion but you have definetly moved on to bigger and better things.. Evo's have the potential to scare the living sh**t out of STI's etc.. They are absolute weapons ! Congratulations on the new purchase and I KNOW you are going to have lots of fun :P:P
  2. Morning Gents ! Ok so After liasing with a representative from my local pedders this is the low down on a few questions I had: Adjustable xA coil-overs all round + Camber Pins + Control arm adjustments (even necessary?) + Wheel aligment (F&R) + First re-visit after installation I get another free wheel alignment other necessary adjustments all up it was quoted at $2,100 Sports Ryder shocks and sports ryder coil springs all round + camber pins+ wheel aligment + control arm adjustments = $1,850 I have seen in a few other threads that people have had massive quote over - pricing even when jus
  3. Thanks for all of the advice guys, It sounds like it makes a massive difference on the intake sound at high revs, TBH I already through the Aurion sounded like a beast at high revs but this takes it to the MAX!! I shall be ordering mine shortly :):) Cheers Josh
  4. Hi Guys, Keen to get my K&N intake ordered.. I searched the forums and found that quite a few guys have the K&N Typhoon intake installed on their Aurions.. this was suprising to me because up untill I saw that I thought the ony option was to replace the Factory panel filter with a K&N one which is LAIM Can someone confirm with me that this is the right one to order, found it by searching for 3.5L Camry http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?Prod=69-8611TS Cheers !
  5. :P:P Thanks for your advice man I will give the prepsol a go! It wont damage the window / chrome will it ?
  6. Ok Guys, So Being a typical 20YO I made a 'wise' decision to remove my drivers side weather shield as I convinced myself it ruined the 'flow' of the car.. The screws / clips came off fine but when I pulled the shield off there was a thick layer (4-5mm) of sticky tape like stuff that left A LOT of sticky residue (some even in clumps) on the chrome window surround :( Obviously it looks disgusting and I have tried eucalyptis (incorrect spelling) oil and lighter fluid but they were not very effective :( Has anyone else come across this problem or know how to fix it ? Any help is appreciated :) Che
  7. Reviving this thread, Finally cleared some debts so Slowly moving ahead with some MODS now... As stated originally the LED PARKERS were going in first along with the HID's.. I settled on T10 LED Parkers and 6.3K 35W HID'S (Low beam only) There are some pics attached of the install and the result So the next mods are once again very common, Ultra racing strut brace is on the way along with K&N Panel Filter :) After that there are coil overs to come (can anyone provide some feedback on BC Racing Coils?) and I was thinking 20" BBoss Elanors (Similar to the Biaggi's.. more refined !) Late
  8. Before I bought my Aurion I was with Justcar (I think they are a subsiduary of AAMI).. I had an extremely minor accident where a girl backed into the front end of my car and stuffed my fibreglass bumper... I only had third party at the time but I called Justcar for advice on what to do and even though it had nothing to do with them the consultant made sure I understood how it will work and how to protect myself in the case that the other person wouldnt accept being at fault... Since buying the Aurion I have moved onto AAMI comprehensive.. The consultants seem very helpful with 24/7 enquiry lin
  9. Cheers mate :) Oooo! Tempe Tyres lemme know when your headin there to get em fitted and i'll meet up with ya :) Brought my first set of rims and tyres from there :) R.I.P they now sit in the back of the garage collecting dust :( I looked long and hard at the Biaggi Blacks really wish i hadda brought em now. Yeah Tempe Tyres is tops (try and say that one as as fast as you can :P) Why dont you try and sell them and put the money in your pocket !! As soon as I saw the Biaggi's all I could picture was the car dropped on coilovers bearing those rims.. Im sure my bank account was scared :) tbh I t
  10. Cheers mate :), Hahah on that note I have already been followed by 3 cops in 2 days. I could see them running the plates in the computer systems then getting angry when they couldnt pin me for anything ;). I also think I will be fine with 6K HID's Thanks mate!! Cant wait to get stuck into the mods though. I have to let the piggy bank rebuild a bit though. As you can imagine it just copped a bit of a thrashing ;) Thanks Defyant, Im loving your Aurion!! Yeah atm I'm at work all I had was my phone :( As soon as I get home ill update with more pics :) Yes it's a darker blue called "Carribean Blu
  11. Hey Mate just thought I would let you know this affects everyone that drives an Aurion, what you are experiencing is 'torque steer' which is evident in most high power FWD cars, the reason having something to do with the left hand side drive-shaft being different to the right hand side resulting in a 'pulling' sensation (always to the left). Getting a wheel alignment would not really improve this at all !!
  12. Hi All, Picked up my 2007 Aurion ZR6 from the dealership last Saturday. It has just under 60K on the clock and is 'Carribean Blue' I can honestly say I am not dissapointed with ANYTHING about this car :) It is stock standard at the moment apart from an aftermarket Bluetooth Kit and Tints all round My Mod wishlist is (in order): 6/8K HID's (cant decide which ones, feedback please) LED Parkers AUX Mod Ultra Racing upper strut brace xA Coilovers 19" Kspeed 'Biaggi Blacks" on 245/30/R19 Here is one quick snap I took with the I-Phone, I have plenty more post wash & polish pics on a
  13. Cheers Guys, Picked up the Aurion on Saturday, couldn't be any happier :D:D Pics will be up soon in the "Members Rides" section !
  14. no...i've had no real probs only when i've got a load on (passengers) over around 100kilos then i take it easy over bad irregularities but still no probs because now i just turn the dampener up a notch or 2 n bobs yr uncle. for regular driving and common sense no worries atall.i thought before i got the coilovers i would have scrubbing etc but was pleasantly surprised that i had no probs with the 20inch wheels/tyres. hope that helps you out a bit cheers cam :) Yeah, I suppose thats the whole point of having the adjustable Coil-Overs is you can make adjustments depending on the situation

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