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  1. Hey Guys I need to change the clutch in my 03 Sportivo but I was just wondering if i should go with the standard clutch or heavy duty? I have had one mechanic say to go for the Japanese Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch. Also, does anyone know any good mechanics in Western Sydney? Chelee
  2. Hey Guys! Ive recently taken off the air filter and I have realized its ITG. Ive heard there good but has anyone ever used K&N and ITG and been able to compare? if so, which is better? Chelee
  3. I think so too! Thanks! I'll have a look for some =)
  4. Hey Guys! Are there any other brands besides Bendix that are good for my Sportivo with minimum brake dust? Thanks
  5. Hey Guys!! I have a 2003 Sportivo and Im after some Eyelids! Could anyone help me with finding good qualtiy ones? Thanks

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