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  1. Hello All, My center console the silver is look abit tired and old happy to pay a nice dollar and tip for it :P thanks,
  2. i already triple clutch i put it into neautral then back into 1st then into 2nd bro lol. and thanks superdave i am quiet nervous as its now raining this will be a nightmare and i took out my air freshner for max weight saving? haha. cheers all. hopefully i can get into the low 16s even high 15s
  3. Hi All, My last post seemed to cause a large rant in the forum, it's annoying how you all sit there and say take it to the track when i surley garantee you have sped off at a set of lights?. I have decieded to go to the Sydney Dragway this wednesday to see what i will get for a 1/4 mile i probably am aiming low 16s it will be my first time i am not the greatest nor worst of drivers but i am wondering some tips and tricks to get the best out of my sportivo. I am being safe and doing the right thing sorry for the thread before didn't mean to say im a fast n furious racer just a small dust off at a set off lights. Thanks any help is appreciated.
  4. yeah Kenshin haha he does a beautiful job he is i would say a perfectionist just look at his car :P had him do a few things for me, today he also placed a gearknob that was not fitting on for me the standard fitting wasn't going on he somehow used magic fingers and fixed that problem. the price well i can't disclose that but defantly below average the gearbox oil is around 150 (MT90) and with Valvoline Full Synth in the engine wasnt much more then the price of those 2. LIFTOFF it's MT90 it truly works wonders. Cheers,
  5. Hello all, just a gearbox update i took it to im sure you know fellow toyota member Mark2zz's shop today he replaced the gearbox oil and engine oil did a beautiful job car is now running SUPER smooth and shifts are just perfect. turns out it was just the oil :) thanks,
  6. Thanks Dave and Boys for the heads up, Do you reccomend MT-90? and what about a Nulon addative i have heard its a gimmick? any say on that. Thanks,
  7. can i come in on friday mark and any idea on price and what do you reckon is the 1st problem just the oil?
  8. what is the shop name and can we make it this friday? and you reckon mt90? and its just going into first.. from standstill is super notchy.. and it wasn't like that before i put the **** ****.. oil in.. and also at 7-8k rpm it doesnt crunch at all but is abit notchy reckon the mt90 will fix it
  9. mark im seriously about to kill myself here i spent 150 on superlight weight cause some idiot reccomended it now my 1st is a nightmare and all other gears are well normal as so far should i buy mt-90 reckon you or the boys could fit it for me this week?
  10. mt-90? or MTL.. and you reckon shockproof would make it worse? honestly.. will changing it to mt90 or mtl make that much difference
  11. alot of people on the forum also use it its superlight weight shockproof redline oil 90/140w
  12. Hello all, long time 0 speak. Recently purchased superlight weight redline oil as reccomended by 2 tranmission specialist i am not crunching gears but it feels like im squeezing through the cogs,synchros going into first from standstill its a tad tight.. into gears but totally no cruches or sounds. any advice. Thanks,
  13. thanks clifton :) need to catch up soon and yeh cruzer how you know dave :P
  14. thanks alot mate so does your's
  15. COUNT me in :) haha just have to deal with the rattles on the road