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  1. $200 for GTT wheels. 1 tyre is gone due to camber! showing threads
  2. come come!! i'll be helping TSI out etc so I might be busy :P say hi if you see me
  3. Hey guys, What: 1. Set of R34 GTT wheels painted in Black with Kumho tyres: $200 ono http://i1229.photobu...zpse11a0292.jpg http://i1229.photobu...zpsa474636a.jpg http://i1229.photobu...zpsa474636a.jpg 2. Pair of 215/40/17 Kumho KU31's. Pretty much brand spanking new!: $100 (2 for the price of 1!!) http://i1229.photobu...zps565b950d.jpg 3. Pair of 225/45/17 Kumho KU25's: $50 http://i1229.photobu...zps4f3249e3.jpg
  4. im out.. too much **** is on around then. Trying to get my car ready for the massive Eastern Creek Meet!! :D
  5. turned out to be an ok night after all! :P
  6. I'll prolly be there around 7 or earlier. I'll be driving the skyline though :) whoever wants to come, come. and then we'll decide if we want to do anything after ** got about 5 confirmed guys that I know coming, so should be alright ! sky is clearing up to
  7. 7:30 is the usual meetup time isn't it?? Maybe Tunnel run shots ?? :o Maybe go to Harry's for dinner (if it's not raining) at Tempe.. options are endless !
  8. Everything is still for sale. Pezzie fell through :(