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  1. I may come out, Might bring something for Stu / Daryl to drool all over....
  2. For all the first timers, Just park your car and go and watch a few runs, This way you know how all the lights work and you dont get out onto the line and look like a bit of a knob lol.
  3. http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Brisbane Oh what a shame, I live in brisbane....I have also banned you from the forums.
  4. Nothing serious, just a bit of concussion, day or 2 in bed and I'll be fine
  5. I wont be out guys, Has a little accident at work yesterday and I'm not allowed to drive for 48hrs.
  6. You can park next to the commo, i just park down the end out of the way, nobody gives me any stick

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