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  1. This is a Continuation of this topic - Brisbane Meetup (Every Thursday 9pm) The purpose of this thread is mainly for the Brisbane members to keep active on the forums as well as to discuss anything that is related to our Weekly Meetup. If anyone is intending on attending any one of our Meets, adding a post to this tread to say so would help keep everyone in the loop (no pun intended). ------------------------------------------------------------ About the Meet: The Brisbane TOCAU group meets nearly every week from 8pm at either the "Loop" if it is dry or the "Train" if it is wet. A decision
  2. Ill have the commo out with its new brakes, If i can get them to bloody work.
  3. Ill be out in somthing with a alot of power, just not sure what yet...
  4. so your saying don't go past 9K without doing the bottom end? That would be fine its looking far to pricey to past 9k anyway. And even then there will be no power increase past 8400? even with the piper stage 3 cams? I wouldn't be going much over the stock 8,200 limit without doing the bottom end. The graphs on the MWR site show that the power peaks around 8,200-8,400 RPM so there isn't much point going any higher.
  5. Rods dont like doing 9K+. Another thing, whats the point in the extra RPM if the cam makes no more power over 8,400rpm?
  6. Sorry i couldn't make it, the Commo was up on stands....
  7. I run the 595 EVO's on the commo, they seem to be able to keep 500hp under control, dont belive everything you read.
  8. There is a 600hp R33 GTR sitting idle in the garage......ill do you a good deal. OR, if you want somthing really fast ill let you drive the commo when I come down :P
  9. Most of us are going to stay the the F1, its like $70 a night for the room, so shack up with sombody and cut that in half.
  10. what's that? you will give me a lift down too if i pitch in for fuel. What a dude! im in :) Ill be coming down, If you want to pay for fuel my car uses it endlessly.....
  11. That will buff right out? Its a shame to see your car like that Daryl and main thing is everyone is ok. Just goes to show how strong the toyotas really are, not a single broken window....When i smashed up my commo AAMI were so easy to deal with, good to hear your getting the same treatment.
  12. Are you putting your hand up DJKOR?
  13. This guy cracks me up..... PS My toyota Yaris (1.3L) flogged my 500hp SSV, also made mince meat out of the R33 GTR sitting in the garage as well (it runs 28psi boost) FOOL!
  14. Its not running atm, but that may change over the course of the day......
  15. SOFT! PS, ill set the ET in the yaris :P (mick knows what im talking about)
  16. HAHA, TRD588 mate your on drugs. Oh BTW before you try to shoot me down, I own a V8 Commodore, Work car is VE Clubsport, Boss's brother owns a TRD Aurion, Im not taking anything away from the Aurions, but your smoking crack if you think your going to "smash" the comparitive HSV. Seeings as the last HSV that had the 5.7L V8 was back in 2004 so well done.
  17. still 9pm at the loop? Some of us will be there from 8pm cya then

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