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  1. Northy

    Evo's 1zz

    Hey mate, Top effort on the SC setup, cant wait to go for a spin......
  2. I did...rather than firing at me with pointless chit chat...do something about it if you are a worthy admin. If i could have done somthing about it I would have because as everyone on TOCAU knows i dont mess about :P but steve is the only one who can fix up the silver member stuff.
  3. Dont just bitch about it, have you sent Steve a PM or email as others have suggested?
  4. ill kick this off with $50
  5. It says the video is private?? I have accepted your friends thing on youtube also.
  6. nothing too serious, just rolled a tyre off the rim, bit of damage to the rim and car as a result.
  7. You forgot to mention I was in the Yaris..... :P:P
  8. New toy that arrived on the weekend. Sorry gav its not a 34, R33 GTR with 420hp atw......
  9. Ill be out in the GTR, quite keen on the nebo run too...
  10. ill be out this week, ill bring the GTR out for a run too.
  11. I wont be out tonight guys, Have some stuff to get sorted before picking a new toy (will fit in with the boost crowd bit better) on the weekend.
  12. Welcome aboard guys, Special welcome to Kenneth because your almost in a whole other country over there...:D
  13. No smoke, just a light skid mark for a fairly decent length. Still soft Was the longest skid mark there, until I left one Wasn't real keen on leaving $600 worth of rubber on the road :P
  14. I have a 6.0L heater i can bring, runs on 98ron tho.....
  15. Northy needs a hand brake adjustment..... I wont be able to make it, I will be in melb wednesday and thursday for work and fly back to brissy on thursday night. Found out yesterday that my car will be all fixed the week before so was really looking forward to the drive
  16. ill be out in the yaris as the SSV is back in the shop.
  17. Get some details off your stock ECU, part number etc and see if it matches up.
  18. out of curiosity, where is it at? got u interested dont be affriad to say it lol...redlands/bayside meet....capalaba freedom...corey hits them all the time and darly and elgin have been in a few too so its not just me lol...TOCAU should rock up and show them what realy cars are dont drag me into this haha, I got from time to time to see if there is any fast cars out....I dont find much hehe

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