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  1. Hi John, You will definitely get to Rainbow Valley in your Kluger, We didn't make it to Chambers Pillar. A lot of it will depend on the weather they have had before you get there. If they have not had much rain some of the 4wd only accessible places you can make in a family car. Some of the reasons they recommend 4WD for some of the places is due to the condition of the road if they have had a lot of rain. I can guarantee you will want to visit more than just those 2 spots.
  2. Hi Retro, Any chance you could put up a pic up of your TRD with the towbar. I looked at getting a towbar, but all the towbar places in SA I went to, said they would have to cut into the rear bumper, so I didn't go ahead with it. Thanks
  3. Look up the Toyota owners club of south Australia on facebook if you have it. It's like the comment above stated, it is where most people seem to converse these days. Since the SA guys started a facebook page, heaps more people have become involved.
  4. What a tragedy it is, if postage wasn't so much to get them to Adelaide I would take them for free just as spares.
  5. Jump onto the facebook page. It's really taken off since it's been put on facebook. Around 200 members now. We were struggling to get interest on the TOCAU site, hence why they tried the facebook site, and it seems to be working with a lot of interaction. Still good to see some SA people on this site. I know Drew (Bangers) still puts pics of his car on here.
  6. Looking good mate. Can't wait to see all the mods.
  7. Hi Guys, Merry Christmas to all. Sorry, can't make this one. Got a wedding to go to. Have fun, but watch out for all the idiots that always cause trouble on these mega cruises.
  8. I have. Sorry, been busy with work. I will be there with the family.
  9. no mate still reeling haha but I have 5 can of red plasi dip that will put my mina at ease haha Perhaps we could do one side red and one side silver. That would then really freak people out.
  10. Drew, Have you recovered from the realisation my TRD is Silver and not Red as you imagined. Good pics guys.
  11. Hi Guys, If it stays on the 7th Dec, me and the family are in. Great idea to head to Lobethal for a xmas lights display.
  12. Drew, Thanks for organising the first ever SA meet. Was small but a great night with really good people. Nice to meet you all and look forward to the next meet if i'm not working. Good photo's too guys. Glenn
  13. Come on all you Toyota appreciaters In SA, come along for some fun.
  14. I'm still in. I've also messaged some friends from the old South Australian MR2 owners club I used to be a part of to see if they are interested. I know one of them still has his MR2.