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  1. It can't be the torque converter because I replaced the gearbox with a different torque converter. Did it with old, does it with the new. I still do feel it is an inner cv joint even though both sides are brand new. All four engine mounts are brand new. It's not fuel. It has a sway, wobbly kind of feel under acceleration that goes away when you take the foot off. Everyone seems to think it is a CV joint. I have replaced the right hand one twice. Maybe it needs genuine?
  2. In my case, most of those parts had done 650,000 kms so it wasn't as upsetting as it might have been. But you're right. No-one seems too interesting in getting to the bottom of it. Very frustrating for me.
  3. I'll try and find one Trent. It is driving me bonkers. I'm about to replace the car as my taxi (it's been outstanding and never fails to get a mention/question from passengers) and I want to give it to my daughter. I really need to sort this problem. I've spent about 4K so far in trying to eliminate what it could be. So far, process of elimination hasn't worked.
  4. I've been Googling without any luck. Does anyone know where such a beast exists in Perth?
  5. Pedders put a GoPro under the car and they can't see anything wrong. Bloody hell! It's not the pads or rotors Campbeam or it would be happening only under braking or all the time. The vibration only occurs under acceleration. Otherwise you wouldn't know there was a problem. It's very frustrating. I still suspect the right hand CV joint even though it's been changed twice. I don't trust Chinese stuff and whilst they were brand new, they weren't genuine.
  6. I bloody can't! I've still got this front end vibration problem that seems to have everyone stuffed.
  7. Turned out it was indeed fuel. Replaced fuel pump and hey presto.
  8. No, it isn't either of those. It only happens under load. If it were bearings or tyres it would happen all the time.
  9. Howdy gang. My 2007 Presara (taxi) has developed a bad wobble on the front end. It feels like a drivetrain issue as it only does it under acceleration. I've replaced .... wait for it .... both left and right CV joints .... all four engine mounts ...... gearbox. It has two local mechanics baffled and has one ****** off cabbie. I have it booked in to Pedders on Wednesday morning. Has anyone had anything similar happen to them and if so, what bloody was it?
  10. Won't let me upload video. File is 1.15mb and it keeps saying 9,77mb maximum? Weird.
  11. Hi gang. My 07 Presara is having start problems when mainly cold. It tries to start with an extended attempt before it fires. I just replaced the starter motor on advice from my mechanic and it hasn't made one bit of difference. Dat dat dat dat dat dat dat ... vroom. Has anyone else suffered from this and/or knows the cause of it?
  12. Except mine is a "peak period" taxi so it probably does. Or almost.
  13. Not luck Trent, skill! I always replaced the oil and filter at 10,000km rather than the 15,000km recommended. And replaced with a fully synthetic oil. It definitely helps that most of the running I do is out of the city - not a lot of stop start stuff.
  14. Oh and sorry, forgot. Changed the oil on the tranny last week in an attempt to get lucky and not have to replace. Didn't work.
  15. No-one has ever called me Mr Firezuki!!! I replaced the engine at 470,00 after it blew a cylinder. My local mechanic said he could do the head but that would bump the compression back up and he thought the bottom of the motor would then go. So I put in a second hand motor. The rest of the car's mechanicals have been excellent. Yes the front drivers seat looks a bit worn but no tears in the leather. Passenger side seat still looks pretty good and rear seats (surprisingly) still look excellent. The gearbox at this stage is still fully functional but it is slightly slipping in 2nd and 3rd. I have secured a 2nd hand gearbox (60,000kms) for $1400. Goes in Fri week. The car will cease to be a taxi next Jan (10 year max on vehicles) so in that time I will replace the front shocks as well. Need to do these things whilst I can claim them on taxi! Overall NSW this has been the best car I've had as a cab by a country mile. Although the car is 9 years old and done those K's I still get passengers asking me if it is a new car! I reckon I have sold quite a few for Toyota over the years to passengers in the cab. And, after all this time, every single button still work on this car. Remarkable.