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  1. That's good, although I finish work at 3pm that day. What time were we thinking of meeting and where?
  2. As soon as I got my Sportivo haha. Who's free Friday during the day? That works best for me, anyone else? What's a good place?
  3. Looks interesting. Do they operate as actual DRL, i.e. when the ignition is turned on, the lights come on then go out when you turn on the headlights?
  4. Is this thread still alive? Saw some sweet pics further back :P Keen for a meet at some point :)
  5. Thanks guys :) Would you believe it's an ex-fleet car? The main key needs replacing (got a genuine key shell off Ebay from Qld, $2.00+$2.20 postage), and the door for the cubbyhole below the aircon needs to be fixed. Otherwise, it's pretty damn good.
  6. Upgraded my first car (red AE112R) to this awesome ZZE123R... in red! :P Love that colour! It's completely stock atm (got it on Monday), having it serviced next week, then will need to save up for some new shoes :D The engine is a ripper, especially as you hit the 'lift' point next to someone! Still getting used to the clutch. The seats aren't as comfy as they look but that's alright, I'm used to my dad's Land Rover Defender haha... First photo - just after I bought it and was arranging a mate to drive the old AE112R home Parked at home Was down at the local Toyota Dealer/Service place getting a part for the old car... Family photo
  7. I have an AE112R Corolla and am fitting some driving lights to it. I want to know how I can get hold of a switch in the same size/style as the door locker switch that's on the left of the electrical mirror adjustment, they are approximately 17mm wide and 33mm long with rounded corners. My car has a blanker plate in this size on the right of the window button, and I'm looking rather specifically for a switch that is either blank or has the secondary/auxiliary headlight symbol on it. Like this, but with a "2" in it: http://aux.iconpedia...02069272137.png Any help would be appreciated with this rather niche request! PS: A blue illuminated icon or a switch with a blue LED in it would be even more awesome!
  8. @ Hiro: Thanks for that! You seem very knowledgeable, do you know of anyone who has done this conversion for a 101-112 series car? @ 123R-Prozak: I will be going to a transmission specialist for a second opinion, of course :)
  9. I have a manual Corolla Ascent from 2000, been having problems with the gearbox just recently, won't shift into 5th or reverse easily (requires more effort). My mechanic says the problem is a shaft not moving correctly for those gears, and the problem will be expensive to fix and that it would probably be worth getting a new gearbox from another car of the same type. I've always thought since I got the car that it could do with a sixth gear, would that be viable? What sort of gearbox would I get/what car would I get such a gearbox from? Thanks for helping a noob! :)
  10. Okay, I'm mainly after the lights, not a protective bumper. Thanks :) Anything on foglights?
  11. Hi all, Seen a few AE112R cars around lately with what appears to be a small bar fitted in front of the grille, and has 2 spotlights/driving lights mounted. I also noticed the odd Camry or Falcon with the same kind of bar. Just wondering where I can obtain, as the brightness of the full beams on a dark road isn't bright enough for me (whether or not that's because of driving my dad's Defender with it's epic lights, I don't know! ^_^ ), but I'd like to get these for my car... would also make it a bit different. Additionally, are the foglights from the higher models able to be fitted to the Ascent? Thanks :D
  12. Sounds good, but I want a 4A-GZE... :P Also, is the AE112 series OBDII compliant? I have found the 16-pin connector but my adaptor can't read the ECU...
  13. This thread seems to have died slightly... but I'm still keen, just poor. If I were to get a 4A-GZE from these guys, [http://www.japparts.com.au/products/PerformanceEngines.html] anyone know of someone or somewhere who could fit it into my car? Have to save up first...
  14. Went to drive one night and realised that I have no: Instrument lights, Parking lights, Tail lights, and Headlights on door open buzzer. I have lights when I press the brake pedal, and headlights, full beams, indicators, hazards, reverse lights, interior lights all working. Checked fuses, all seems well there. Help please!